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Missing $55 reward certificates after Returns


I received two reward certificates ($25 & $30) for making purchases with my BestBuy citi creditcard outside of BestBuy

I used these reward certificates along with a reward certificate (($40 issued from my reward points) to purchase a LG External BluRay Drive. Unfortunately I had to return the item because it was not working with my MacBook to play original BluRay discs. I returned the item in BBY store and the store representative told me, the $40 certificate will be returned as reward points, and the other 2 reward certificates will be re-issued with new validity.


I received the reward points for $40 to my BBY rewards. However, I have not received the other two certificates re-issued. The certificates were NOT termed as one-time use certificates. Also they were NOT termed as Bonus/Promo certificate. Can someone pls help me with this ? I have seen similar cases in this forum, where people got help with this saying BBY system does not differentiate between these certificates by default. Thanks in advance. I am happy to share more details in direct message. 



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Re: Missing $55 reward certificates after Returns

Hello, User953559,


Thank you for stopping by our community forums. Having purchase a blu-ray drive last year I do know that there can be some shopping around needed to find the perfect one, especially when using Mac OS. I would be glad to help you take a closer look into these two remaining My Best Buy certificates.


Generally, these certificates are posted back to your account three days after an order has been returned or cancelled. How long ago did you make this return?


I see that you sent a private message with some more details. Please allow me a few moments to review this. I'll be sending you a private message in return shortly. You can check your inbox by clicking the orange envelope in the top right corner of your screen after logging into your forum account.



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