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Merged Accounts

I'm very disappointed right now, and I must say BestBuy messed it up!!!


I sent Derek (a support rep) a message last Friday asking about merging accounts. I had a few questions but I DID NOT ask him to merge my accounts.


Received an email this morning saying my accounts had been merged, although I did not request it.

All my pre-orders from my secondary account are GONE!!! I cannot find them in my primary account either.

Called BestBuy support and they could not find the pre-oreders either, I spent an hour on the phone and nothing.



At this point of time, I'm just asking to locate my pre-orders, most of the pre-orders won't be released until July or later this year, so I really need the order numbers or receipts!!!

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Re: Merged Accounts

Hello Sixuan,


I apologize in advance for any inconvenience the merge process may have presented you.


As we have previously merged other accounts for you in the past, myself having taken care of you the last time, it is standard procedure to complete merge requests in a timely manner. As for your pre-orders, they are not lost in any way. While you may not be able to see them in your merged account history, which is normal after this process is completed, they are still processed normally and can be viewed by signing out of your account and clicking on the "Order Status" option on the top right of our website. There, you can enter the order number and view all the details you may need. We can also provide you with copies of these receipts via email should you not have them already there.


Nonetheless, because there is already an ongoing conversation via PM, I will follow up with you there.





David|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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