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Livid with customer service experience regarding MyBestBuyElite

In December 2020, I noticed that I was a little ways away from keeping MyBestBuyElite status.  I had a few items that I wanted to pick up anyway so I started spending to keep the status and my abillity to bank points.  I checked throughout the month to make sure my points were updating and watched the bar creep up.  On 29DEC2020, my point tracking bar disappeared completely.  I called the MyBestBuyElite dedicated line and talked to a representative who confirmed my spending (I was informed I had reached over $2200) and assured me that I would not lose my status.  I asked multiple times, because I hadn't felt that I'd spent that much and that I'd barely reached the $1500 requirement.  The rep confirmed at least five times that I was not going to lose my elite status or ability to bank.  


I woke up this morning to years of banked points being cashed out and multiple gift certificates that now need to be spent.  I'm incredibly frustrated that I lost my status, banked points, and am now forced to spend money that I've been saving for years (I've been some level of Elite since at least 2010) ESPECIALLY after confirmation directly from the dedicated line that I would not lose any of it.  

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Re: Livid with customer service experience regarding MyBestBuyElite

Good evening, Blackjack357, and welcome back to the forum!


I've personally had the goal of qualifying for Elite status ever since the tier was first introduced back in 2013, but I always seem to fall short. I keep trying though because I really want the option to bank my points. My wife actually did qualify for Elite status in 2020 based on purchases she made outside of Best Buy with her My Best Buy Visa card, and to be honest, I'm quite jealous.


Our members can qualify for a higher tier status by spending specified amounts (Elite - $1,500 & Elite Plus - $3,500) on eligible Best Buy purchases within a single calendar year. Those totals are based on an eligible purchases pre-tax total that is paid for with cash, credit, debit, or check, and it can generally take up to 20 days after spending those required amounts for a member's status to be upgraded.  If you didn't requalify for Elite or Elite Plus status during the 2020 calendar year, then your status has likely expired.


Also, keep in mind when reviewing your own purchase history on to exclude sales tax, as it doesn't count towards the final total.  Please send me a private message with the details listed below, by clicking on the blue button in my signature, and I'll review your rewards account.  If I can determine you did in-fact spend the required amounts, then upgrading your status shouldn't be an issue.


My Best Buy™ Tier Expiration FAQ


Best Wishes,

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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