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??? Free 2-day shipping - Does it exist?

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Just placed an order, but as part of the ElitePlus membership I assumed 2-day shipping would be free. Nope, standard shipping is free (which I am grateful for) and 2-day shipping would have cost an additional $17. I was signed into my Best Buy ElitePlus account and paid with my Best Buy credit card. The total was over $35 and it wasnt an in-store only option. So, I called the dedicated ElitePlus line to see why the item didnt qualify or if I did something wrong. I reach the automated system, where it recites my order item and then transfers me to an agent (LaTonya I believe) since I had a question. The agent over the phone spent several minutes stating she could not locate the order, I then offered to give her the order number ({removed per forum guidelines}), but she said her computer froze and she would need to put me on hold to figure it out and find my order. Well........... 16 minutes later (more than enough time to check in with me or restart her computer fully and call me back) with a total call time of 27:20 I just decided she wasnt coming back on the line or giving me a follow-up call. So, I figured the chat line would be helpful. i log in and chat with Sean, who was able to instantly locate my order. Sean states I did receive free standard shipping but that he could not modify the shipping method on the order, and that I would need to call customer support to have them do it. Since he had his limitations, and I have gotten no where in the last hour in terms of figuring out why my order did not qualify for free 2 day shipping - I am left feeling frustrated and questioning what "select items" even qualify for this mysterious free 2-day shipping? Is it me, did I do somethign wrong? These aren't questions I usually like to have after buying a product. Smiley Sad 

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Re: ??? Free 2-day shipping - Does it exist?

Good morning davidsep30, 

Welcome to the forum and thank you for reaching out! As an Elite Plus member, you should enjoy free 2-day shipping without a purchase minimum on pretty much all of your purchases. I'm sorry to hear your most recent order, despite being logged in, may not have had this benefit applied, and if you had any trouble receiving assistance when you contacted our phone support.

With the details you shared and registered with the forum, everything appears normal on our end. Please keep in mind that depending on many factors, including any holidays, your delivery date may be impacted and the delivery date will be updated accordingly, even if you have selected the appropriate shipping method. 

I hope this helps clarify your experience! If you should still have any questions, please feel welcome to send me a private message. 



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