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Elite plus 2 day shipping not honored

Obviously I spend a lot of money at Best Buy to have Elite Plus and I don’t usually worry about the 2 day shipping but I’ve got multiple delayed orders right now and all of it would have been a non-issue if Best Buy was honoring the 2 day shipping perk, or, at the very least, stating on the checkout page that 2 day shipping was not available so I could go to the store and do in-store pickup and saved your clearly flailing logistics system the hassle.

As it is you’ve shipped multiple items for one order now, the first lost by usps first class mail. The reshipment went UPS sure post and is now delayed being transferred from UPS to USPS. If it weren’t for a $20 Black Friday discount I would have just bought it at the store and refused delivery of the reshipped item by now. And frankly, I’ve kind of chilled on the Black Friday impulse purchase and I’m kind of thinking about just refusing delivery and filing a chargeback at this point.

So why not honor the 2 day shipping? That would have taken care of the whole mess. Best Buy saved what, $10, screwing a customer that’s spent a lot of money over the last year. And in the process lost $320 shipping expensive electronics first class usps, then another shipping charge on sure post, and probably now a refused delivery fee if it’s delayed.

Target, Amazon and Walmart all have loyalty programs and are all getting orders to me on time right now. Best Buy seems to be setting policies that guarantee logistics overload.
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Re: Elite plus 2 day shipping not honored

Hello, dmasgn!


Thanks for posting on our forum and for being an Elite Plus member. We know this tier is achieved through loyalty and dedication to choosing Best Buy for all your tech needs, and this status is well earned! One of the many perks that accompany this membership level is our 2-day free shipping option. Especially now during the holiday season, this shipping perk is great!


While we work with our shipping partners to help provide accurate estimates and to get your order to you as quickly as possible, there are also factors that come into play that may impact this time frame such as product availability, processing delays, carrier delays, etc. 


Regardless, we understand this option can set an expectation for customers, and I hate to hear you've experienced issues with a recent order delivery. Your feedback is important to us, and it's important we document your experience in an effort to continue making improvements to our program. I'd like the chance to formally record your recent interaction in our corporate system, and to do so, please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and order number to start. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Being the elite

Why does it seem like being an elite member means nothing? I have spent the $3500 necessary to remain an elite plus member for the past couple years; not so much because I love the program, just a coincidence really. But let's be honest, the member deals generally are kinda crap... But that isn't the point. The last 3 or 4 orders I have made have been shipped late if it is shipped at all. One time the label was created but no one ever contacted ups to come pickup the shipment. One time the site said they could ship that same day, only to call me that night too day they couldn't, then the order was cancelled all together so getting printer ink went from taking a matter of hours to taking a week. Finally, I pre-ordered the cyberpunk game that will not arrive until the day after the release date. This is a game that had been delayed like 5 times over 8 years and it gets delayed just for me one more time thanks to best buy. I assume the answer will be something lame like COVID or two day shipment doesn't actually mean two day shipping. Ultimately, as an elite plus member for the past couple years, I've come to the point that I expect to be disappointed. 

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Re: Being the elite

Good evening, Btcarlsen, and welcome to the Best Buy forum,


I personally don't pay much attention to tracking numbers throughout the year until the holiday season rolls around when it feels like I'm checking every couple of hours.  I'd say most people hope their order will be delivered as soon as humanly possible, and as a member with Elite Plus status, one of the benefits you're eligible for is free 2-day shipping on almost everything available on


There are several factors that play into just how quickly an order will be delivered, as outlined by Allison in her response above, including product availability. If a product has high demand, maybe higher demand than previously expected, then that could certainly impact delivery.  Nonetheless, hopefully your pre-order will be delivered soon.  Feel free to send us a private message though if you have any specific questions, and I'd suggest posting any suggestions/ideas you have for the rewards program to the IdeaX section of the forum.


Elite Plus Free 2-Day Shipping: What You Need to Know


Happy Holidays!

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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