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Elite not renewed but I spent over the amount


I am reaching out to the forums to help me.  I made over $1200 purchases thru November of 2018.  I knew I wanted to renew elite so I made 2 purchases totalling $1088.94 on 12/21/2018 on my BB visa card.  I paid that amount off and it posted paid off on my account on 2/13/19.  Now, on 3/2/19 I see my elite did not renew even if I spent well over the $1500.


So far, 4 calls to elite suport and due to a language barrier I have not been able to get a person that can understand me.  I have been told twice that I needed to spend that amount "in 2019" to renew.  Even the supervisor I spoke to had a bit of limited language skills and sent it to "the back room" but he got a ton of info wrong even after I repeated it several times. Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction to correct this.  I read the terms and conditions and it cleary states spending on my BB visa counts towards elite renewal and it said "calander year" so I'm well within those.


Any help would be great




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Re: Elite not renewed but I spent over the amount

Greetings, Dale,


Welcome back to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! Being an Elite My Best Buy customer does come with many perks. Thank you for being a loyal Best Buy customer. I’m sorry to hear that you found us again out of frustration and are in need some further help, I’d be happy to review your concerns in further detail for you.


As Derek, shared here in our floated post regarding tier level expiration, purchases do need to be made in calendar year. It’s possible that some of your purchases may not have been properly linked to your My Best Buy membership or may not have been eligible. Can you please send us a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and My Best Buy member ID? A private message can be sent by choosing the blue “Private Message” button in my signature. I look forward to your reply!



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