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Elite Membership and Price Match Policy

I purchased a product (Far Cry: New Dawn for the PS4) on February 18, 2019. Today, March 17, 2019, I noticed the price went to 50% off. I decided to call 1-888-BEST-BUY to get the price match.


Here are some important facts. On February 18, 2019, I was an Elite member. On March 4, 2019, my Elite membership expired and I was reverted back to a regular membership.


The people on the phone said that they could not price match my product because their system showed me as a regular member. I explained to them multiple times that I was an Elite member at the time of purchase and that I should be allowed a 30 day return/price match. I said that anything purchased on or before March 4, 2019, should also receive that same benefit and anything after, I should receive the regular membership benefits.


They continued to say that the system did not show I have Elite anymore and could not help me. I even talked to Supervisor Mike M, and he said they same thing. As a prior multi-year employee of Best Buy, I couldn't believe this to be an actual policy to deny someone of rights they should still be entitled to.

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Re: Elite Membership and Price Match Policy

Hi boomer766,


Welcome to our community.  Like you, I want to get the best deal possible on any purchase I make.  If I notice the price of an item lowers just after I've bought it, I'd surely seek a way to be reimbursed for any difference.  As a former Elite member in the My Best Buy™ program, I can see where you’d draw the line for having a 30-day period to request a price match.


As you may know, the time frame in which a customer can request a price match mirrors their return and exchange period.  My Best Buy™ Elite members would typically have 30 days to make a request, while Elite Plus members would have 45 days.  When you were moved to our Core tier, your return period and price match window was adjusted to 15 days.  Because your return and exchange period is based on the status of your My Best Buy™ membership at the time or request and not the time of purchase, our agents were correct that you would no longer qualify for a price match at this time.


I realize this likely isn’t the answer you were wanting, but I hope it clarifies your experience.  I'm including a few links below for your reference as well if you have any further questions or concerns.


Return & Exchange Promise

Price Match Guarantee

My Best Buy™ Tier Expiration FAQ

Please know I'm grateful you wrote to us.

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Elite Membership and Price Match Policy

It's too late now, but I believe Sam's response is wrong. According to the FAQ he linked to, benefits apply at the time of purchase. Here's the relevant question and answer:

"Q. Will my purchases made while Elite or Elite Plus still receive that tier’s benefits?
A. Yes. Purchases will receive the benefits of the tier you had at at the time of purchase."

I would consider the time to return or price match a product a "benefit". Where is that wrong?
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Re: Elite Membership and Price Match Policy

Hi, Pony99CA,


Welcome to the Best Buy forum!


The return/exchange period a member is eligible for would depend on their My Best Buy™ status at the time of the request rather than at time of purchase.  For example, if as a member with core status I were to purchase a TV for $2,000, then I would qualify for Elite status.  While I may not have had Elite status when the TV was purchased, I could still seek a return or exchange outside the standard 15-day return/exchange period because of my Elite status.  Just keep in mind that it can take 15-20 days for a member's status to be upgraded after having spent the required amount.


The portion of last year's FAQ that you called out would apply more so to benefits such as how many points a purchase would be awarded.  If I had Elite status when a purchase was made and my status expired prior to the points officially posting to my rewards account, then I would still be awarded points based on my prior Elite status.  You can view this year's Tier Expiration FAQ here, and please feel free to send us a private message here if you have any additional questions.


Best Wishes,

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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