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Elite Member Birthday Reward

Back in September I inquired three times about the birthday reward that is advertised as a benefit for my best buy reward member of all level. Three separate custom service rep all told me that receiving the birthday reward is not a guarantee, but a random draw. I would only receive it if I was selected. I decided to ask about it again recently because after reaching the elite level and reading through the benefits that showed no indication that it is a random draw for the reward. This time I'm told because I'm enrolled in the student program, therefore not eligible for the birthday reward. It is really frustrating among all these things I'm told. A reward program where the status is based on annual expenses should not matter whether I'm a student or not. And if anything of these things are true, why aren't they annoted in the member benefit details. After supporting best buy for so long, going out of my way to make purchase from best buy instead of the online retailers. I'm disappointed and turned off, ironically by the program that aims to build brand loyalty. I considered open a best buy credit card recently but decided against it because of these recent experiences I've had, I found it hard to trust best buy to deliver the benefits as advertised. Either best buy needs a better knowledge base for the custom service team or rethink how to inspire brand loyalty through its reward program 

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Re: Elite Member Birthday Reward

Good evening, jimbotronn,


Welcome to the Best Buy forum, and HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!


I heard through the grapevine that if you tell someone your birthday wish that it won't come true, so I hope you made sure to keep your wish a secret.  The birthday coupon offering 10% off a single-item is sent to a random selection of members who have a birthday attached to their rewards account, so there aren't any guarantees a member will receive one.  It isn't based on a member's tier status or how much they've spent throughout the calendar year.  If a member has an active rewards account and their birthday is attached, then they have just as good a chance to receive a coupon as any other member.


We generally send the birthday coupons in one large batch at the end of the previous month, and this is not a coupon we can provide or reissue upon request.  It also doesn't matter if a member is opted in to receive student deal offers.  I've been a member of our rewards program for 13+ years, and am not opted in for student deals, and have maybe received a birthday coupon once. I'd be happy to make sure your birthday is attached to your rewards account for future birthdays if you were to send me a private message, by clicking on the blue button in my signature, with your name, phone number, and email address.


Best Wishes,

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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