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Black Friday Early Access



As we're getting closer to Black Friday, I was wondering if this year's Early Access will be different? Last year's event was such a let-down and a blatant disregard for your most loyal customers. As someone who has been an elite+ member since its existence, The Early Access event has been the biggest influence for keeping elite + status. I looked forward to staying up all night and through the morning waiting for the deals to go live while talking with all the other members in the Forum, sharing information with each other when something went live. It was such an enjoyable experience. 


Allowing everyone early access last year really made us feel unappreciated. It was clearly evident with all the complaints in the Forum as well as friends and family who have Elite status. I know some who have refused to buy anything from Best Buy since then.


I truly hope that last year's event was an experiment gone wrong and Best Buy decides to go back to showing their appreciation for their most loyal customers.


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Re: Black Friday Early Access

Well, it appears that TotalTech members are the ones who are the elite customers. Apparently they were the ones who got access to PS5 earlier this week. (Not that I wanted one)


Elite and Elite plus mean nothing anymore. 


I've been a Elite+ for the last three years, spending alot of money at this store, yet just another schmo in their eyes.


And no, I ain't gonna $200 for some fairy tail membership.