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Best Buy Eliminating Elite Plus customers

I have been a best buy customer for over 20 years, an elite member for almost a decade and an elite plus member for many years now (6-8), and best buy is my favorite store in the world. I have been a gamers club member since it came out and check best buy each day to see the deal of the day and what's new. I recently renewed my gamers club membership earlier this year and haven't bought as many games this year but a month or two ago i bought several games. I have bought $300 in gift cards and several other items since then but friday of last week I received an email out of the blue that really blindsided me. The email said that my best buy account and my gamers club account have been terminated because we bought more than 3 of the same title game and that this is now a violation of the terms and conditions in the gamers club. Each year since I've had the gamers club I have bought gifts for family and friends and we also buy gifts for underprivileged youth at our church. I have bought up to 10 copies of the same game for years in the store itself and this has never been a problem. I did not know that the terms and conditions had changed or i would never have violated them and didn't ever receive a warning when I did or I would've stopped immediately. All i got was an email saying goodbye. At least that's what it said to me because it wiped out $160 in reward certificates, my elite plus status, and a $30 gamers club membership that was only a few months old. As a faithful customer and someone who always tells others how great best buy treats me in store and on the phone (because the store has always been 100% helpful and courteous) and an online team who usually handled the problem that I had and tried to be courteous most times, it was devastating to see that I am not cared about as a loyal customer. I had some items to pick up at the store recently and although it's an hour drive to the nearest best buy now we still go often and we still have the $300 in gift cards that we were about to use on a big purchase for our son's birthday. I called and spoke to the manager that I know at the store we spent so much time and money at and he told me he couldn't help or he would but to call the best buy number and explain what has happened and that they should be able to take care of me and at least restore the elite plus status (he said he didn't know about the gamers club but that they should also be able to do something about the $160 in reward certificates). He told me due to me being such a loyal customer that if they didn't know how to help or wouldn't help to contact the corporate office and explain what happened and ask for an appeal and help. I didn't know i was ever doing wrong and as he explained the company wants you to buy as much as possible so he didn't even know about the restrictions and that it was a violation of the terms and conditions; i just want to restore my account and continue the wonderful relationship that I've had for decades with best buy. If that cannot be done after all of these years of membership and loyalty then i would be too hurt to shop at best buy ever again in the future. I feel like my friend of 20 years has broke into my home and stole $200 from me and doesn't care how i feel. I know that sounds dramatic but it honestly blindsided me so bad that i can't compare it to anything else other than that or a divorce. I desperately want to fix whatever wrong has been done and just restore my account and continue the wonderful relationship that I have always had with best buy. The 888 number simply said you violated the terms and conditions and acted like they could care less. I asked for help me in any way I couold get it. I understand policy and would never break it in the first place had i known that it had changed. Can you please, please help or find me someone in corporate who still cares about customers and doesn't treat us like just a number? Thanks and have a great day.

That was my plea. The response I got simply told me that I didn't matter as a customer or a person to the best buy corporation and that they are not only doing what they can to eliminate best buy gamers club but also elite and elite plus members any way possible.  I never thought this company would come to this, but since it has and the dollar is valued more than the customer, this customer is now gone forever.  Be warned everyone who reads this and be careful - you could be next.  Goodbye best buy, it was good while it lasted but 20 years of loyalty doesn't mean anything in this world anymore.


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Re: Best Buy Eliminating Elite Plus customers

Hello again mvhardee, 


Thank you for reaching out to us publicly after contacting us via private message yesterday! Please know that our team operates out of the Best Buy Corporate Office and we have provided our final response to this concern through the private messages you sent me yesterday. 

If you should have any other concerns or questions, please feel welcome to send me a private message. 

Thank you, 

Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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