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Anniversary 10% Offer Frustrations

Hi Team,


Hoping for some support as I've had an incredibly disappointing experience with the Best Buy Elite Plus support number / Best Buy Rewards phone support team (Which now seems to be all outsourced offshore, with little resources to actually support your customers)


In October, I received an e-mail offering me the abillity to use my Best Buy Credit Card to save 10% off a single, regular priced item with my BBY Card for 11 years of being a cardholder. I attempted to use this coupon on as shared in the e-mail with the purchase of a graphics card on Oct 29th. I was not able to apply the coupon to my $500 purchase to a website error, as well as the item selling out within mere seconds - had to checkout with my card but no coupon applied.


Upon calling support, they informed me that the coupon would qualify and asked me to re-order the item. However, due to the item not being in stock for months, this wasn't possible. I was advised that they would make a claim for a back office team to look into a certifcate credit in lieu of the coupon not being able to work, and some type of resolution as I had no other intended purchases for the time.


I have made multiple phone calls throughout November and December asking for an update, only to be told that my claim is "Denied" and no reasoning or explanation besides a "sorry." The representatives made it clear multiple times that the team would reach out to me via e-mail for updates, and I was never once provided an update.


My coupon expired, and I made every attempt to use the coupon shared with me for my purchase that meets all criteria when paired with the Best Buy Credit Card. Is there anything that your teams can do to help as the support phone team is very unreliable and supportive?


Thanks so much in advance!

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Re: Anniversary 10% Offer Frustrations

Hello, ambition!


Thanks for reaching back out to us on our forum for support. Also, I want to thank you for being a dedicated Best Buy customer. I'm thrilled to learn that you continue to shop with us, and that you've been able to earn rewards and enjoy all the perks associated with being a rewards member and Best Buy Credit Card holder. I hate to hear about the situation that has occurred with your 10% promotional coupon, and I'd like the chance to look into this further.


To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, and phone number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.



Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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