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65000 points and Best buy refuses to hold up their end of the points agreement

Well ofcourse its almost a year that the best buy manager in odessa texas wrongfully shut down my account and deleted 65k points from it... Which means its also been a year since the best buy corporate customer service team reinstated my elite plus membership and reimbursed my 65000 point because they found no wrong doing on my part and the workers arent even allowed to touch you mybestbuy account.... So after the 3 day wait period i couldnt generate a rewards code for $100 not for $50 not for $5... Months i spent waiting and calling and chatting and being told to wait and having people looking into it.... Its quite upsetting to have just over $1200 in valid best buy dollars to go a buy the things id like to before they expire... So i call and email and post and call and email and post... But here we are almost a year later..... Still nothing... Absolutely nothing. "Investigation" after "investigation" and not one person has fixed the issue. Oh ive got an idea... Its a pretty simple one...
Ill put what i want in my cart that equals the $1200+ and you just give me whay ever coupon codes you have that make the price $0 and then i just simply check out. And then you go into my account and remove the 65000 points.... Hmmmmm.... Wouldnt that be easy? It would also be so nice to have a company around that is reliable and trustworthy. But clearly that couldnt possibly be best buy.
Its sad how you can be an ELITE PLUS member and still be screwed over by a company youve given so much of your hard earned money to. Im fed up and my friends are disgusted to the point they refuse to shop at best buy anymore. I myself am disgusted and appalled and tired of being lied to. Shame on you best buy.
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Re: 65000 points and Best buy refuses to hold up their end of the points agreement

Good afternoon, Amanda,


Thank you for taking the time to reconnect with us on the forum.


Each point plays an important role when trying to earn that next certificate, so the loss of a single point can be significant; however, the loss of 65,000 points would be on an entirely different level.  Our stores have very little access to a member's rewards account, including the ability to cancel, so I'm curious as to what exactly happened to your rewards account.  It looks like one of our specialist, Tasha, replied to a thread you created back in November but she never received a response.  I'd be more than happy to take a closer look at your rewards account if you were to send me a private message, with the details listed below, by clicking on the blue button found in my signature.



Phone #
Email address


Best Wishes,

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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