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worst customer service experience

i had placed and order in store with best buy for a new dishwasher, delivery and installtion. when the third party contractor arrived at my house they told my wife that they did not have the dishwasher and that it is supposed to be at the house already. after she argued with them that the dishwasher was not they finally checked their truck and "found" it.

after they were "done" installing the dishwasher they couldnt get out of the house fast enough stating that if there were any problems to contact Best Buy. they left all of their trash in my living room, threw out the kick plate for the dish washer, left 6 inches of exposed wire, and broke the dishwasher door. Mind you i have 2 small children in my house that could have easily accessed these wires and could have been seriously injured or killed. i contacted best buy and went through 4 Customer service agents before one of them suggested to turn the breaker off and when i explained to him that i cannot due to the fact that it is also connected to my fridge. they didnt know what else to tell me. the next day i contacted best buy again to explain the situation and that this is a safety issue, i was told the earliest they could have someone at my house to correct it was oct 12th, this was on september 28th. after explaining again that this was a saftey issue, and that people could be harmed from what the 3rd party contractor and best buy consider acceptable, they could have a geek sqaud member out that day and they could give me a 150$ check for my troubles. Fast forward to today when the geek squad member shows up to replace the parts ordered, they arrive and immediatly say the dishwasher is defective and someone will call me in 10 minutes to replace it. Well the first lady hung up on me after i said it was rediculous that im now out 2 days of work and that a replacement date of the 25th is unnacceptable after the headache that this has done for me and my family. i called back and am told that i can have a new dishwasher monday if i uninstall and install the new one myself, along with 150$ off the new one. tell me best buy is this acceptable? I have already missed time at work because of you and your contractors work. your contractors have risked lives in my household, left trash and threw things out from the dishwasher and i get smacked in the face with a measly 150 dollar check and a "discount". there will be complaints filed with the BBB. 

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Re: worst customer service experience

Hello, ellis1091,


Thank you for reaching out to us here on on the Best Buy forums. I do understand how this would make me feel, and would be happy to take a closer look at this with you. To get started, please send me a Private Message with your full name, phone number, and email.



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