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who's minding the store???

i purchased a 55-inch Samsung smart tv....upon checkout it advised delivery was free.....but once your tally is ttld you learn delivery is free but shipping is $x(confusing since shipping/delivery are normally one in the same) are then asked to choose btwn 2 delivery times 7am-1pm & 1pm-6pm for 12/4/18....I chose 1pm-6pm.....after finalizing my purchase and checking out...i received an email confirmation that gave me the option of changing my delivery date/time....I signed in and kept the same date but changed the delivery window to 7am-1pm. upon reading the prep instructions it advised to clear a path from the door to the tv stand and that upon delivery, they will unbox the TV and sit on the TV stand (I did not select installation).


On 12/4/18, by 130pm nothing arrived so i went online to check....upon doing that i showed my delivery date as 12/5/18....i went back to my confirmation email and it clearly stated a delivery date of 12/4/18 so i called customer svc....I was advised there was a hold time of 13mins but if i did not wnt to wait on hold i cld leave my ph# for a call back in 13mins....I left my ph# n then set my timer to ensure i wld not miss my C/B...I received a call back 16mins later....a recording advised me to hold for the next available agent....i turned on my cell stopwatch n waited....i waited 10mins before an agent came on the line (DUMB....the C/B saved me nothing a C/B implies that upon rcvng a C/B n saying will be speaking with a live agent not holding on for X mins).


I first inquired with the rep why offer a C/B if you are only going to have the customer on hold for a lng period....the rep gave me no ans simply said they are an inbound call center so she is not sure.....I explained my issue she advised she can confirm the pkg is our for delivery but she had no way of contacting the driver but he shld arrive no later than 7PM....i then asked her why offer 2 diff window options if the driver is not going to adhere to it....again, i got no ans...driver arrived at 5:45pm.....I opened the door he brought the TV 2 steps in asked me to sign to confirm receipt n once i signed he turned and left.....meanwhile, as instructed i spent to clearing a path to the tv stand all for naught.


I wanted to vent so i found this forum but once the tv arrived and i set it up i was over it n moved on.  Then 2nite i got an email from BB asking me to take a survey based on my recent purchase, delivery experience. 


I thought ok....great....i can now give some constructive feedback......i get to the 1st question..."Based on this delivery experience, how likely are you to recommend Best Buy®?"....However, it does not give me any choices when i click to proceed i get an error msg stating....."please select an answer." i gave up and moved on because it is clear that they are not interested.


Bestbuy has some serious, serious issues and will not be in business much longer if they are not properly addressed. this purchase was made online vs instore because i have visited the stores....the sales ppl are less than open or friendly.  I opened a charge account for this purchase. They gave me a $5k credit line.


As a matter of principle, It won't be utilized....once i pay off this purchase i am closing my account and moving on.  if you want my business act like it.