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stuck with a broken refrigerator

I paid over $2,000 for this refrigerator and this whole experience has been a nightmare from beginning to now!
I received item at my home on May 4, 2021 and the delivery drivers banged the ice maker and made it fall apart during installation. We also noticed that the water filter was hanging and was damaged as well at delivery. I was told and watched the installer call in a damaged item and he took a picture of the damages. He told me that dispatch would call me to schedule a delivery of the same refrigerator so just keep it and Best Buy would swap it out. 
I called the next day on May 5th and spoke with service and told them about my dissatisfaction with my purchase and delivery. She tried to find me a similar refrigerator similar in price and there was nothing available. Only refrigerators that were almost double in cost. She spoke with her manager that day about satisfying the customer with a discount for compensation of the experience. The Manager she spoke too denied her and my request and simply said "OH well I just need to return the refrigerator" and basically be left with nothing since I had already paid Best buy to haul off my old refrigerator during the delivery. That was totally unacceptable and very poor customer service! That supervisor did not care about me as a customer and how important it was that I have a refrigerator to keep medications, etc. cold! Meridith felt embarrassed to relay that message to me and knew that particular manager lacked customer service and recommended that I called back the next day to speak to a better manager! This is so unacceptable all managers should be able to make customer satisfaction their top priority! On May 6th I called back and spoke with service  and as promised A "Better" manager approved a discount on a more expensive refrigerator to be exchanged with my damaged one. I had to pay a difference of $422.18 but at least I would have a working refrigerator and I felt like I was fairly compensated at the moment. The One and Only delivery date that was available and given to me was 5/8 sat 2p-6p. I had to take it because it was the only date! I had to take off of work with short notice to take the delivery. I had to empty my whole refrigerator and freezer for the exchange. I happened to look at my email around 4pm and read an email from best buy stating that my delivery had been canceled and I need to reschedule!!!!! No phone call!!! Just an email! I took off work, lost pay, and waisted my time because of Best Buy! I called was told sorry your refrigerator that you just paid more money for is out of stock until July 2021 call back during the week for more information.
May 10th, I have been trying to talk with a manager and no one is responding. I have been on hold for over an hour for the second time today! This is ridiculous. I paid over $2,000 and all I have is a broken refrigerator and missed delivery and a poor response from a manager. Still no response!

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Re: stuck with a broken refrigerator

Hello, jmilas411,


Thank you for visiting our online community. We appreciate you choosing Best Buy for the purchase of the new refrigerator. Our goal is to make the delivery and installation process seamless, so I am sorry to hear that has not been your experience. If the original refrigerator was damaged, an exchange would have likely been the best possible resolution. While it sounds like a support team was ultimately able to assist with this transaction, if the new model was ultimately determined to be temporarily unavailable, you should have been informed. I apologize your experience has not mirrored our expectations.


I would be happy to review your order, as well as take the steps to formally document your feedback. If you would like to send a Private Message, that would be the most secure way to complete the verification process. To send a Private Message, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature.



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