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major delivery problem with 3rd party service JB Hunt/JC Contracting

We had an LG front loan washer delivered today.  It was to be installed with the old one hauled away per the contract we received.  The delivery guy showed up at 1:25 pm and proceeded to move and tilt the dryer around upon which I told him that the dryer is staying and we are only expecting the washer installed today.  He grunted and said that all along he thought it was the dryer that was to be replaced.  Then a few minutes later, he asked me to go to the laundry room and proceeded to tell me that they cannot install the washer because there is an 'adapter' which looks to be like an extension hose.  When we asked to talk to his manager on the phone, the manager told us they do not touch adaptor hose and that I have to call 1-800-304-1259 to talk to Best Buy becasue they do not do anything we, the customers, tell them and that they can only receive instructions from Best Buy.  While we got on the phone with BB, we got cut off.  So, all of this took about 20 mins and by 1:59 pm, the delivery guy - while we were still on his cell phone  (talking to his supervisor to see if we could resolve the issue then by at least having them haul away the old machine and have them put the new washer on the platform, not to mention have them put the dryer back where it belongs originally), asked to have his phone back and walked outside to the breezeway.  I only overheard something like he wanted to leave.  And next thing we knew, he had gone back to his truck and he dove away, without a word and he left the dryer tilting on the platform, the old washer also tilting from the platform and the new washer just in the breezeway with the breezeway door still wild open.  I do not know in what planet such service is acceptable.  We believe Best Buy should deal with this 3rd party company and find the delivery co accountable for the unprofessional behavior/service we received and witnessed.  We also think BB should address the fact that the Delivery 'contract' they gave us upon our purchase at the store did not say anything about their not being able to install the washer if there is an extension hose/adaptor involved.   The latest is that after hours on the phone with both the Watertown store (from which we purchase the washer) and the 1-800 number, BB is sending somebody back here tomorrow to move the dryer back to where it belongs and haul away the old one.  We are still left with an uninstalled washer.  So, buyers beware!  One positive thing is the sales associate at the Watertown store - Al - was helpful -  he at least helped us set up the appointment tomorrow for them to do what they should have done today at least!  Of note too is that after Al came through with the appointment, the 1-800 guy called and said the call wss to be recorded and he proceeded to reiterate that BB will not be installing the washer for us.  He was rude and hung up by saying ,"have a good day".   The 3rd party delivery co is JB Hunt but the delivery guy's truck was JC Contracting or AC Contracting.  Hi 

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Re: major delivery problem with 3rd party service JB Hunt/JC Contracting

Hello, Salina,


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I appreciate you taking the time to write us regarding your experience with your washer delivery. We try to pride ourselves in ensuring we provide great customer service, and we expect our third-party delivery teams to do the same. We have a team of Agents who specialize in solving these type of appliance situations. I'd like to invite you to call our Geek Squad Client Care team, at (800) 304-1259, and address all your concerns. This dedicated line is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. CT, seven days a week. Thank you for reaching out to us!


Kind regards,

Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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