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damage caused during delivery

After visiting our local best buy store on Saturday January 12 2019, we were told that they no longer sell open boxes at that store but that the outlet store at 1801 4th San Rafael CA, 94901 (store number 2639) does, this store is 56 miles and over an hour from our home with a toll bridge, however we wanted to see what they had, so we made the drive. When we got to the store we found a refrigerator that we were happy with and made the purchase. The total cost we spent that night was $2091.27. We paid for home delivery ($70) of our total and scheduled and apt for the following Saturday (January 19 2019). Prior to leaving we went and took pictures of our purchase. It was an open box and did have a few scratches (which the sales rep on the floor noted as she was writing up our order). Delivery day comes and the delivery drivers start pointing out tears in the bubble wrap before they even bring it in the houses. One driver even said that he pointed out the damage to the store where he picked it up from prior to him leaving with it but was told it was an open box purchase and to take it. The damage was clearly new as the tears in the bubble wrap were lined up with the marks on the fridge (which we have pictures of). We asked the driver to unwrap it fully so we could continue to inspect it. As he did so it became apparent that the fridge had been dropped or ran into maybe with a forklift. There are massive dents and scratches that were not there the night we purchased it (again, we have pictures from that night), and when the driver opened the doors  for inspection, the insides of the fridge came rolling out. The driver proceeds to call customer service as we are clearly upset, the first representative we spoke to told us there was nothing they could do since it was an open box purchase but that we could refuse delivery and send it back. At this point that was not an option for us, we requested to speak to a manager and were hung up on by that representative. The delivery driver calls again, this time we speak with a  representative named Lizbeth, we explain to her the situation and she says that she will get all 4 refrigerator doors replaced for us at no additional fee. To us this is a solution we are happy with and we accept the fridge. Lizbeth was very helpful calling us daily giving us updates and saying that she is working with parts dept to get the promised doors. By Thursday January 24 she tells us that the doors appear to cost more thaan the fridge alone and that someone from parts will call us the following day to help us figure out what to do next. The next day comes and no phone call, we reach out to them and are told that the sotre we purchased it from will call us to help us find a repacement, the store calls us shortly after that and tells us that they have no idea what is going on, that they can not helpp with finding replacements as they are only an outlet store and only sell open boxes so there is no way for them to track down a comparible fridge. We are now 2 weeks into this and have been getting the run around, customer service says there is nothing they can do , but that its in the stores hands and  the store says there is nothing they can do. The refrigerator is an LG model number LNXS30866D/01, I have contacted LG myself and have been given quotes for the replacement of the doors, the total for just parts would come out to over $1000. As far as we are concerned, we had already purchased the product, it was damaged during delivery, and a make it right gift card from best buy is not enough to cover the cost of replacing the doors due to the damage caused during delivery. We feel that since it was damaged during delivery (after we had already purchased it) it should be best buys responsibility to replace the damaged doors (as we were promised the night of delivery by customer service representative Lizbeth), it should not matter that it was an open box item. Damage caused after I purchase something but before it is delivered to me is not my responsibility, period. Please advise us as far as how to go forward with fixing the damage caused during delivery.

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Re: damage caused during delivery

Hi there, munstr!


Thank you for reaching out to us here and sharing your recent experience. It sounds like Lizbeth is your case manager, but I'd be happy to take a look over everything to see what other options we may have available to you. 


Would you mind sending me a message with your full name, email address, order number, and phone number? The link is below in my signature. 


I look forward to hearing back from you!

Halie|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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