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the worse purchase experience!!!!!!

purchased  a bundle kitchen appliances. and they said will deliver after 2 weeks of purchased. expecting everything will be on plan coz i am having a 2x graduation party coming before ther delivery date. on delivery date electric range arrived damage. so the delivery guy told us that the agent will contact us regrding the issue and will give us a loaner in case we need to wait for longer time. ok no problem at all as long us they will take care of. delivery is saturday and tuesday nobody call us yet regarding the issues so i decided to call them, and that's  the only time she re order my range. ald been told that we need to wait for another 2 1/2 weeks, i asked her about the loaner because i am having a party that coming weekend and she told me "no we don't do loaner" i am starting to get mad coz i trashed my old Range and microwave. and i convinced her to give me one (the one that damage.) by the time we hook up the damage one is not working i am assuming they damage the electric box inside. first party i need to ask someone if i can cook in their house coz i really dont have something so i can cook. so called them again about the issue. i can't believed that the manager told me that they cannot do anything about it anymore. i wait... wait ... wait... and came out that they have one that they give it to me as a loaner while waiting for my new one. next  party coming up last week saturday. the sales agaent told be that he will schedule the deliver for loaner on thursday. thursday came no call, no delivery, no update. friday same thing. i decided to call and ask where is the loaner? the person (i believed the manager again coz of the same voice) she said   "oh our delivery is booked untill next week so there's no way  we can deliver it to you" I  MEAN SERIOUSLY? THAT'S YOU GUYS FAULT HOW COME U CANNOT EVEN MAKE IT UP! she even told me that "if u want u can pick it up at the store." i told her i don't have truck and obviously i cannot lift that. and here she goes again with "sorry i cannot do anything about it. my frustation right now is to the highest level. oh btw when we finally getting ready for the microwave to be inatll we found out that the microwave is also damage. they gave me a sealed box but damage inside. and guess what we gonna wait again for another 2 weeks. questions, are you going to reimburse me for all the food that we keep buying outside every day? and also we are actually strating to pay the financing without even using it.. that's so horrible i want the corporate know about these so they train more people how to handle you guys mistake. hussle free??? NOPE HUSSLE ALL THE WAY TILL THE END..

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Re: complains



Thank you for reaching out to us in regards to the issues that you are having with your delivery. I can certainly understand your frustrations with this, and would be happy to assist in anyway that I can. Would you mind sending us a private message with the name, phone number, and email address that is associated with the order?



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