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compensation inquiry

I will cut to the chase. The new Samsung dryer I bought thru BestBuy was delivered this morning. After installing, it appears to be the entire unit is malfunctioning and creating loud irritating noise. I had talked to a TotalTech representative and regarding the issue, and I was assured there would be some forms of compensation for the inconvenience. However, during a second call with a different representative for scheduling an exchange service, he insisted there were no compensations whatsoever and very abrutly hung up the phone. I moved to the chat service with a another agent, and he offered a $30 gift card option as compensation, to be fair, a bit insulting.


Now I am very curious, am I eligible for the compensation? It is very confusing to get all sorts of answers from your representatives. From my point of view, I will be left for 5 days without being able to do heavy loads of laundries until the new dryer is here, and it is very frustrating for a household of many. Your representatives are not really helping neither given the their reponses are all over the places.


As such, I want to know if there will be compensations for my case. I have always trusted BestBuy when purchasing eletronics and appliances, but the experiences so far have me quite upset.


Hope to hear from you soon.

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Re: compensation inquiry

Why would you be compensated? Your product is faulty, and they'll have to replace it or refund you, no doubt, but since when do companies start giving out free money as compensation? I understand your frustration, but if companies actually did that, what's to stop someone from purchasing something, claiming fault, or intentionally making a product malfunction, and then asking for monetary compensation?

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Re: compensation inquiry

Hello, thejosh, 


Welcome to our online community.  


We appreciate you inquiring about compensation for a manufacturer's defect. As laundry is a never-ending battle in my home, I understand your frustration with needing to exchange the dryer. With that said, we would only provide compensation if the product had slight physical damage and the customer is planning to keep the product. If you would like me to look into your order, please send a Private Message including your full name, email address, phone number, and order number. To send a Private Message please click the blue button next to my signature below.  


Please know, my normal schedule is Tuesday through Saturday. If you do not receive an immediate response, I will be happy to get back to you when I return to the office on Tuesday.  




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Re: compensation inquiry

Hi there Lisa,


I tried to send a PM, but the system rejected the submission due to a HTML error? It also appears to be I have reached my max number of PM while trying to send it again. I will wait for awhile before another attempt.