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Zero communication - damaged appliance

We bought a dishwasher over a week ago from the Bb outlet. We looked it over and the condition was excellent. We scheduled delivery for 10/17. Took the day off from work and sat home waiting for delivery between 8-1 as that was the window we were given at the store and confirmed by phone the day before. 1pm rolls around we call - oh you’re dishwasher was destroyed we have to repair it and won’t be out today or tomorrow but someone will call you. Fast forward to this morning no call. So we call CS and have been sitting on a call for over an hour after being told we had to go back to the store. No, we have two children, one who is sick and both work full time jobs. We did our part, BB has done NOTHING. So here we sit, day two with no answers. One of us unable to work as we sit and sit and sit on hold
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Re: Zero communication - damaged appliance

Hello, Tracey1014, 

Thank you for visiting our online community. This is a great place to learn about new tech, interact with other users, and request support from our team of moderators. While I wish your first post had been related to a positive experience, I am glad you found your way to this platform. 

We sincerely appreciate you choosing Best Buy for this investment. A new dishwasher would be something to be excited about. Our goal is to ensure the fulfillment process is seamless, although I understand that wasn’t the outcome here. If the appliance somehow endured excessive damage, it is possible it may no longer be in a condition to be safely delivered. With a family and limited free time myself, I realize making a trip to the store may not be ideal. With a bit more information, I’d be happy to see if I may have any resources available to help. 

When convenient, please send me a Private Message. For verification purposes, please include your full name, email address, and telephone number. If you happen to have the order number available, that information would also be helpful. 

To send a Private Message, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature. I look forward to hearing from you. 


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