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XPO need to be fired

Their customer service is appalling. My Viking oven was damaged by Xpo. they also broke the brand new oven cabinet by force pushing it in with the electrical cord tube on the side of the oven. They left three weeks ago without completely installing the unit. I’ve been waiting all day today with my kitchen installer to get it fixed after i was told they were coming to properly complete the installation we paid for. They delivered our Viking fridge two weeks ago now (2 months after the first attempt) damaged with scratches and gauges all over the front doors. We refused delivery and so far have no idea when its replacement will arrive. The xpo guy who installed our thermador dishwasher also gouged the top panel do it’s dented. 3 out of the four very $$$ appliances we bought are a damaged or awol. These guys do not communicate with Best Buy in an acceptable way. I’m paying for my installers time, oven repairs and door repair (when they first refused to remove the door so that the oven could fit through) all due to xpo. They Are a total joke! Our kitchen install has been delayed 6 weeks because if them and they don’t care. Buyer beware! They come out and find any excuse to not complete the job (lies) and because I didn’t know better fell for it. This is a real problem for Best Buy. Keep photos and records of all communications re install and delivery. You’ll prob need it.