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XPO/Local Installer Dispatched Issues

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I’m posting this on the forum since I have had no one respond to me from the Geek Squad Agent Defender team. Specifically, e-mails I have sent to both Sylvia {removed per forum guidelines} and Brianna {removed per forum guidelines} .

This by far was the worst experience I have ever had with Best Buy. Mainly due to the fact that the third party contracted installation company that was responsible for delivery, setup and installation of the four appliances was remarkably unprofessional and worse off, unapologetic for it. The following will divulge in detail my experience given I know there is opportunity here for Best Buy to “make it right” for me and future customers. Further, it is valuable for a company to know what the end result can look like when controls are left to third party contracted businesses and individuals whom do not have the same investment in protecting the brand as those whom are directly employed by it. 

The original date I had requested for installation October 12, 2018 with the time frame from 8a.m.-12p.m., at 11:15a.m. concerned my window was closing I contacted XPO to ask them for an update and express my concerns about the technician not arriving within the promised time window. The representative did the right thing, asked me if I would hold so she could contact the technician and see where he was with his route, etc. She returned to the line and informed me that she spoke to the technician named Walter, whom informed her that they were just wrapping up an installation and would be headed my way and arrive before noon. Noon came and went, no show or call from the installer named Walter.

I called XPO back at 12:10p.m. informing them the technician did not show up and I would need to reschedule my appointment given I had other commitments that afternoon. Truly, if he had been on the way and was running a few minutes late and had the common courtesy to call me or give me a heads up I would respect that, even if I had to reschedule. The representative was open to rescheduling my appointment but asked me without a lot of thoughtfulness or regard if I could wait a little longer or would like to reschedule for later that afternoon. It takes gusto to ask someone who has already blocked out 4 hours of their day from other serious time consuming commitments to be available to sacrifice more time to someone whom had already shown no respect for my time. I can’t stress this point enough about the “respect shown for people’s time” matter. It is not a small choice for me to give 4 hours out of my day to someone or a task, much less let it be company whom I AM PAYING for services and then to be completely left high and dry. It goes without saying that there are PLENTY of other companies that provide the same quality brands, prices for appliance purchase, installation and haul-away (often included free of charge). You can imagine It is incredibly frustrating to have the last part of such a costly order as not be executed with finesse. Plainly put, it is blatantly unbelievable. She understood my frustration with the matter given, I went into detail how I was replacing these appliances as a surprise for my folks whom were out of the country and had come into town specifically to get things changed/replaced in their home. I had my 10 month old daughter with me there given it was a weekday and my siblings whom live locally could not watch her. Objectively, none of the details about my circumstances needed to be shared to earn merit or legitimacy because the bottom line is everyone’s time is valuable. Every client’s time should be treated with respect and any service provider who has a timeline should be in contact with the customer if a delay is foreseen, whether it be minutes or hours. From which point, they should do everything in their power to MAKE it right for the customer. We settled on the following day October 13, 2018 with another four hour time frame of 8a.m.-12p.m. Given that I had already been promised this timeline before I wanted a little bit more assurance from XPO of when I could expect the technician. I asked the representative if he could make me a priority for the following day given my missed appointment. She seemed to hesitate and told me I can’t guarantee anything but I do have you down for 8a.m.-noon. At this point, I pressed onward and asked her if she could have the technician reach out to me by the end of his workday (October 12, 2018) and give me an update about where I would fall in line with route the following day. She said that she could make that request and assured me he would contact me by that evening. I waited until past 7p.m. to contact XPO customer service again. Spoke with a different representative and informed her that I had still not received a call from Walter regarding his route the following day and asked her if he had been made aware of my request for follow-up, she said yes there was a note on the order and that my request was made aware to him. She said she could send him an e-mail as a reminder to contact me that evening. I said, sure that would be okay and felt it was a legitimate question to ask if I should be expecting his phone call before 10p.m. EST given how late it already was. She said, yes definitely and apologized about my frustrations and stated she would be issuing me a gift card for the inconvenience. I received no call from Walter that day. 

The following morning, I was up early and was holding onto no hope that Walter would provide me that courtesy call. While my appointment was scheduled for 8a.m (EST) there was given no one whom was available to me before 9a.m. EST XPO because their call center was not open. That does not seem like an intuitive business practice given that they setup appointments for 8a.m. EST. That being said the representative at XPO was understanding of frustration with the lack of follow-up on behalf of Walter, reached out to him immediately came back to the line quickly 9:05a.m. and said just spoke with with Walter and he was “fixing to give you a call in a minute”, I thanked her for that information and excitedly drove over to my parents home assuming that call meant that he would be in enroute soon. At 9:36a.m. after receiving no call from Walter I called XPO back again. Perhaps, luckily this time I received the same representative that I had spoken to earlier so little explanation was needed. She said, she was going to reach out to Walter’s manager directly and inform him of the situation and try to see what was going on with him. I appreciated the fact that this was being escalated but when she returned to the line she said had spoken to Walter's manager and that Walter had not reached out due to the fact that he was onsite at an installation, she said she would return my phone call in 15 minutes to give me an update about his eta. That phone call felt like such a let down for many reasons, 1) Walter was still able to evade giving me any sort of clarity, 2) I did not speak with Walter's supervisor or get any sort of apology for the lack of communication 3) again, I was stuck in the waiting game with XPO all over again and it was nearly 10a.m. In that moment, I felt like I had to contact Best Buy directly about what was going on and to see if I could if I could get some more traction with information. After a call to the general Best Buy customer service line I was eventually redirected to Sylvia who was able to get in touch with XPO and informed me directly that the technician was just wrapping up the job and I was next on the route. I thanked her but also felt like all the mismanagement of time and accountability needed to be bought to the attention of Best Buy. Sylvia completely understood and said she would make a note of this my case. And, to be frank I likely would have let all of this fall to the waistside had I had a successful delivery and installation on the same day. Sadly, that was not the case. 

I received a call shortly after my phone call ended with Sylvia from someone (later to be identified as Lionel) from Best Buy Last Mile who informed me that he was enroute and would arrive within approximately 30 minutes. Shortly, thereafter a white truck with no markings and three gentleman dressed in street clothes with no identifying name tags or badges were there to deliver my order. Is that standard operating procedure for XPO? No one introduced themselves to me by name, it was only with time of hearing one gentleman place a phone call to XPO that I found out the name of the technician's name was Lionel. Two of the gentleman began unloading the truck, removing boxes/packaging outside while Lionel began unhooking the current units. I followed him to the respective washer/dryer area where he then informed me that he had to pull the current gas line connection that was not cemented onto the wall and replace it with a hard line piping. He did not go into detail as to why this needed to be done, which would have been the professional thing to do but presumably it was a matter of safety code at play, of course, I am just speculating. He informed me that there would be an additional charge for this of $150 and he also suggested that he reverse the dryer door to provide an seamless transition of washer to dryer, he said there would be an additional cost for this too but could see if the manufacturer would cover it once he called. He did politely ask me if anyone informed me there would/could be additional charges. I told him no, but I said to him that I had ordered all this off the phone with someone once I realized that my original Best Buy order would not arrive in time (original Best Buy order #: {removed per forum guidelines}  for my trip. The young Best Buy representative whom took my phone order that day, informed me that it was her first time placing an appliance order for someone over the phone. She was remarkably instrumental with helping me ensure that every new item I selected was in stock and arrive that week. I think the missed opportunities with that phone call 1) informing me there could be additional work needed to complete the installation and there may be out of pocket expenses associated with that order 2) telling me about Best Buy’s total tech package. Once Lionel reviewed all these additional charges with me and asked if I would be okay with them he telephoned XPO HQ and informed the rep of the additional work needed to complete the job. I said sure, he let me know once he spoke with them they would be giving me a call to confirm charges while he was on the line. Surely, moments after Lionel reviewed with an XPO representative the additional work needed a woman contacted me asked if I was prepared to pay for the additional work needed that day, I said yes. Perhaps, the representative picked up on my sense of agitation with additional fees being tapped on last second but without me even asking, she said XPO is going to take care of the additional fees. I appreciated that and felt like that was right thing to do given my experience thus far with them. After we disconnected the phone call Lionel informed me that he would not have time to do complete the additional work needed for the dryer that day, he said he would have to return a different day to do that. I suspect this was due to the fact that he had already placed a call to XPO earlier informing them that he wanted to make a note that he reached out to a different client and was running late, but wanted it "noted" that he reached out. I think that is important to bring to your attention because I believe his "rush rush" mode caused him to make judgments that would later be costly. I asked him when he would be able to do it since I had to depart on Wednesday and had other projects that needed to be completed. He was willing to come back the following morning, he then went back upstairs and took out his measuring tape at the then installed dishwasher and told me that the dishwasher I had purchased would not fit. I want to be clear about this next few points because I believe it is important to remark about the power dynamic in the this case. I took him at his word, previous to ordering appliances I had my brother in law come over my folks home and measure all the appliance spaces. I didn't question's Lionel authority on the matter, I simply believed him and asked him what he needed me to do to make that dishwasher fit. He said you can simply order a different one that would fit into the space, I informed him that would not have worked given my timeline and how quickly the turnaround and installation could be scheduled. I told him that I would be willing to cut off part of the counter if that what was required to make it fit. He said, I could do that if I wanted and I immediately got to work on that picked up a manual saw from the garage and tried my mightiest to make progress. Lionel was working on setting up the range and washer while I did that but it was obvious that I was not going to be able to cut the counter portion off with the manual saw, Lionel was kind of enough to realize that and offered to install the dishwasher the next day when he returned to do the dryer line/hookup. I said I would take him up on the offer given I needed to rent a saw from an home improvement store in order to finish cutting thru the countertop. Lionel hauled away the old dishwasher assured me that the connection for the dishwasher was closed sealed off with a cap and we made plans for the following day (Sunday October 14, 2018). I picked up a saw rental and accessories at Home Depot later that afternoon,spoke with my sister and her husband about the matter and he was a bit puzzled about Lionel's judgment. We talked about it further and my brother-in-law (BIL) and sister posed a very important but simple question to me, they said "did you have him try to put in the new dishwasher?", I told them "no". I thought about how simple that would have been to ask of him but then I also thought about the power dichotomy of the situation and how I would have been questioning Lionel's knowledge and judgment and how that could have offended him. In hindsight, I wish I would have not worried about offending him or questioning his authority. My BIL posed a reasonable question regarding Lionel's assessment of dishwasher space, he asked me if Lionel had measured from the counter top bottom to tile or  countertop bottom to directly underneath the dishwasher, that portion of the floor is untiled. I informed by BIL that he measured the space with the old dishwasher still installed. At which point, my BIL made a valid point by mentioning that floor directly underneath the dishwasher was not tiled (see photo attached).He suggested before I go cutting into the countertop any further that I return to the house and see if the dishwasher will fit into the space. I texted Lionel early Sunday morning and asked if he could reschedule the gas line hookup and dishwasher installation for Monday, he said yes. I did this for two reasons; one, I wanted to try and put the dishwasher in, two, in the event that the dishwasher did not fit the type of saw I rented from Home Depot was a reciprocating saw, unlike a high powered saw such as a Mitered saw, it would have some kick-back and be a slow go, the girl at Home Depot estimated it would take me 3-4 hours to do it if I wanted to be precise hence when I felt rescheduling to Monday would make more sense in the event that the dishwasher did not fit. I arrived on Sunday morning removed the all the packaging from the dishwasher was able to successfully place it in space. I sent Lionel a pictures of it and let him know there  was good clearance there so he would know that there was room for him mount it to underneath the counter, he didn't reply to that series of messages. I presume because he did not want acknowledge any fault or misjudgment on his end. Either way, Sunday came and went and he confirmed to me via text that he would come to the home somewhere in the range of 8a.m.-12p.m. on Monday and give me a 30 minute notice. He texted me at 10:21a.m., he informed me that he would be at the home at approximately 11a.m., with that information in mind I headed over to my folks house. While in route, he texted me and let me know he was running 15 minutes behind schedule because he had to stop for a part at Home Depot. Once I arrived at the house that the windows looked steamy and once I got into the house I noticed it was steamy in the kitchen, I could hear water running from the kitchen area and thought maybe my brother had stopped by the house yesterday and used the faucet and simply forgot to turn it off. I walked to the kitchen sink area the facet was not running from the sink I opened below the sink cabinet where I heard a hissing sound, hot water was spitting out at a high-speed from underneath the sink and it was flooding that area and presumably underneath all the other cabinets too (I took video of this). I want to be clear that the water was not running the day before, I immediately got on the phone with Lionel and told him what was going on, he seemed so shocked and asked if the pipe had busted. With some direction I was able to turn off the valve completely, he also suggested that I go turn on the hot water sink downstairs in the laundry area to help relieve water pressure that would be building in the pipes again. I would later find out that while Lionel had turned off the valve the kitchen sink but he failed to turned off the water supply completely which would not cause a problem short-term had he done removed the old dishwasher and installed the new one same day, but because the pressure of the water was building up over the course of two days and a half it began to spew out. I found all this out because I had a plumber come out that day. I want to take pause for a moment here and let you know that had this been my home, this moment would have been game over. I would have been immediately on the phone with XPO requesting Lionel not be servicing my home anymore, asked that they remove all the appliances and had them call placed a call to Best Buy regarding water damage of all the cabinets and the incompetence displayed by a third party contractor on their behalf. I felt stuck between a rock and a hard place given my predicament of trying to get this all completed for my parents and not having it turn into a huge debacle. This entire installation process was an absolute disaster, especially given the fact that had Lionel not rushed to judgement or made the wrong assessment about the dishwasher and installed it same day we would have never faced any of these issues. Best Buy's website feedback by customers runs rapport with reports of XPOs terrible execution with timing, installation and professionalism. 

My mother is still having issues with the appliances that were installed, I called Best Buy early last week to get it all serviced. Appointment was scheduled for someone to be dispatched between Nov. 26, 2018 7a.m.-10a.m., NO ONE showed up for that time window. I called XPO @ 1:04p.m., 3:47p.m. and all i was told was to continue to wait. That they were unable to reach the technician, that they reached out via e-mail and left voicemails and sent an e-mail to his manager to let him know. It was absolutely absurd. The nightmare continues to happen with XPO having people contracted that cannot fulfill commitments nor show respect for a clients time. The final time at 6:05p.m. I called XPO I got the same sort of explanation from a rep, I told her that 6 hours after an appointment time and asking her for me to “continue to wait” for a call or the technician to show up was not acceptable. Got transferred to supervisor, he said she would be escalating the matter as “a no call no show”, that must have finally gotten someone’s attention at the local level since the supervisor of the technician said he would be out personally today November 27, 2018. Supervisor did not show up due to other “emergencies” and sent an employee whom needs to ask for permission or explanation for everything that is being done.

This is an absolute disaster of execution. Now there needs to be someone sent out to again to deliver a new range. The person dispatched today found issues with 2 of 4 appliances that were installed (washer/dryer) that my parents have been unable to use.

I want answers to why this local installation company is being STILL used.

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Re: XPO/Local Installer Dispatched Issues

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Hello, hildabazzi.


While we would love to have Geek Squad deliver and install every item that we have to offer, in some areas there are some limitations for us to complete this.  We would hate for our customers planning their in-home renovations to be delayed because our teams are not available for several weeks out, don’t have the proper training, or simply just too far away. Our main mission is to get customer's the technology they want in a reasonable time frame and have teamed up with third party representatives, like XPO, who can assist for these specific situations when Geek Squad teams might not be available or skilled to complete the task at hand.


The experience that you listed above is very detailed and I appreciate your time in giving all of this to us. I want to see what steps have already been taken or if there is anything I can help with! Will you please send us a private message with your name, phone number, email, and order number? Just log into the forum and click on the blue "Private Message" button included in my signature whenever you're ready and we'll be here to support! 



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Re: XPO/Local Installer Dispatched Issues

I'm so sorry to here this happened to you.  


I have an appointment scheduled for Saturday morning.  I pray everything go will...