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Wrong Fridge Delivered - Twice

We bought a new fridge from Best Buy on New Year's Day.  The deliver and installation was scheduled for that Friday.  On that Friday, the guys show up, remove the old fridge, install the new fridge, everything is looking good, but wait.  My wife realizes that something is different.  Wrong fridge, so the delivery guys call it in and let my wife know that Best Buy will call the next day to sort this out.  Next day comes, no call.  The day after that, I call and speak to someone who let's me know they can't really help me since it's in my wife's name.  I get that, but still very frustrating.  My wife calls later that day and they schedule delivery for Wed.

Today is Wednesday, and the truck shows up on time and when my wife informs the delivery people about what happened last time, they decide to check before bringing in the fridge.  And guess what?  Wrong fridge!

My wife calls customer service, person is no help.  Says they will call us back when the wrong fridge is brought back to the warehouse.  Meanwhile, my wife has shuffled her calendar around for these two delivery days and has to move furniture to accomodate these deliveries.  And two of our three conversations with customer service have been the model of "how not to deal with customers who have been wronged."
I am sure that customer service will not call when they said they would, so we will have to initiate another call to someone who doesn't understand this inconvenience and how bad it looks for the company.


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Re: Wrong Fridge Delivered - Twice


They did call Wednesday night, but we missed the call at 8pm, and I call back after 9pm. 

I tell the same story and I get offered dates that don’t work for us now as my wife will start jury duty on Monday 1/14 and I cannot take off work.

I ask them to make it for Saturday 1/12, so she forwards me to a case manager (not sure if that is the right title) and he tells me that he can’t do it for Saturday. He offers 6pm on Monday 1/14 and I ask him to have someone call me in the morning to figure out if I’m going to take that time or request a refund.

He tells me that I will get a call at 8am on Thursday morning (1/10).

No one calls.

I spend my lunch time on the phone with two customer service people, the first one offers Tuesday (1/15) and I ask for Saturday.  To her credit, she was trying really hard to figure this out.  Apparently, in the computer, when you enter in the model number of the one I purchased (GNE25JSKSS), a different model shows up (GNE25JSKGFSS), which is why the truck keeps arriving with this particular model.  She conferences me in with someone else to see if they can make an exception for Saturday.   That person informs me that she needs to email another person to see if an exception can be made.  If not, it would have to be Tuesday.  I tell her that it’s either Saturday or refund.  She tells me that she will get back to me.  Fifteen mins later she calls me and asks some more questions re the different model #’s.  She encounters the same thing the other rep did, that even though the fridges have different model numbers, the computer defers to the GNE25JSKGFSS model. She doesn’t mention if she heard back re Saturday delivery.

I got home from work and after dinner I go to the Best Buy location (Paramus, NJ) where we purchased the refrigerator.  I spoke with M.P. (Sales Consultant, Appliances), who was helpful.  He tried to set up a return/exchange, but once again, I couldn’t get a Saturday delivery.  He started a corporate escalation and told me that I would receive a call within 60-90 mins.  I left the store around 7:15pm or so.

Around 7:45pm, I get a call from Geek Squad (I don’t know if this was from the Corporate Escalation or if this was from the lunchtime call) letting me know that a Saturday delivery would not be possible.  I asked for a refund. I asked for an immediate one, so that our money could be returned right away so that I could purchase a fridge at another store ASAP. But they need the model in my home to be returned before they could issue a refund. I understand, but again this is another instance in which Best Buy doesn’t seem to mind the inconvenience the customer is experiencing, as long as they don’t have to experience one themselves.  She said she would start the return process and call me back later that evening. No one called for the rest of the night.

I just would like someone with authority to speak to me about this experience and if there are other ways to resolve this.