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Worst service I've ever, shame on you BestBuy!!!! I hope this story gets picked up and goes virual

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The TV I purchased on website was just dropped off at 850am Feb 17 2021 with the delivery person ( Hewit {removed per forum guidelines}. At 902am TV was plugged in and there are lines all down the TV and looks like an area that is damaged on the bottom left corner of the screen. The TV screen is all black also no picture.


I contacted the delivery driver right away as he had called me on his cell phone and told him the problem, Hewit was kind but said I can't help you, you have to contact the customer service department now.


915am I Spoke to Mr. Shetty Best Buy on the phone in the Montreal service center. Told me to email {removed per forum guidelines} the photos right away for the exchange of the TV.

(now none of the 7 people I spoke to this morning had zero ideas or ever heard about this email that was given to me.)

42 min on-call ( All calls, messages, emails are all documented )


As the phone call was disconnected I now had to call back now I get someone in Vancouver that didn't help me at all and hung up the phone after I started asking more questions. ( I was on the phone with her for over 27 minutes)


So I call back now frustrated like everyone else would be getting the run-around. 1043am now

Apologizes over and over but still nothing and when I asked do you see the notes on my account, he replies NO, Mr. Joe there are NO notes on your account. I ask him can he please make a record of this, he replies YES I will...


With nothing getting sorted, and really upset I decide to contact the head head office as this needs to get escalated not just for my sake but for the companies sake. The company needs to know where its weakest links are.


I speak to Richard in the US( I have his direct number if anyone is interested) Explained my experience and he was horrified at what has occurred. Being in the USA he couldn't help me.


So my last straw was to get in the car and go to a BestBuy location. I arrive at the closest store to where I live, I park walk to the front door where someone greets me as we can't go into the store and explain my problem.


Do you ever or ever put into a situation where there is no hope and at that moment you just want to give up on life, well I had this moment today?


If my workplace ever dealt with customers like this they would be out of business

This has caused stress in my life at the moment as I need the TV for work.


Why wasn't this TV checked before delivery? Why do I have to suffer for this mistake that someone that was supposed to do their work didn't.


Can someone please help? 

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Re: Worst service I've ever, shame on you BestBuy!!!! I hope this story gets picked up and goes v...

Good afternoon, OBG,


Welcome to our community forums. I appreciate you reaching out to us and letting us know about your recent experience with this order. Getting a new TV should be a fun and exciting event so I can imagine how disappointing it would be to discover this TV was damaged after opening it. I'd be glad to give you some details on how to get help moving forward.


Based on your message it sounds like you made this purchase at one of our Canadian locations or on, is that correct?  Our team primarily works with our U.S. stores and customers. I recommend reaching out to our Best Buy Canada team using the options on the Contact Us page on our site, as they will be best able to assist you in exploring options on how to get help with this.



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Re: Worst service I've ever, shame on you BestBuy!!!! I hope this story gets picked up and goes v...

I've reached out to everyone and anyone now, I just finished an email with almost 2K BestBuy staff members from the bottom right to the CEO. This isn't the way you treat people.