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Worst exprience buying appliances ever. Damaged appliance delivered, no help, no customer service

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On November 27th, I ordered an LG Washer, Dryer, and Dishwasher (order number {removed per forum guidelines}). A decision I immensely regret.

-All 3 units were shown available when purchased and and scheduled to be delivered on Dec.5th. On the day of the delivery I get a call and told that the dishwasher is not on the truck and will be delivered in a week. Not an issue at the time.


-Washer and dryer delivered and installed on Dec 5th, delivery people leave. I turn on the dryer and a banging noise is immediately heard. I inspect the dryer and the side of it is caved in. It was clearly damaged. The delivery people neglected to inspect and test the dryer.


-I call Best Buy and I am told that they acutally have pictures of the box it came in that shows damage. They have no idea why it was delivered and installed and then failed to be tested. It should not have happened. I am given a case number and told that someone will be contacting me to follow up.


-One week passes and I hear nothing about Dishwasher or Dryer. I call best buy. I am told that the Dishwasher will be delivered on the 22nd of Dec.I am getting concerned about the dryer because I have no way of drying my clothes, it's been a week already at that time. I am told that they don't have the dryer in stock and that first availability is Jan. 7th. I am told again that someone from the escalation team will contact me with more options and that I will be taken care of, perhaps a different dryer or some type of compensation.


-It is now Dec. 22nd, (1.5 weeks later). The delivery window for the dishwasher passes. I call Best Buy. I am told that the delivery was canceled and needs to be rescheduled because it is not in stock. I am disappointed I was not notified of this earlier as I have wasted half a day waiting for the delivery. I reschedule the delivery to 28th. I ask about the dryer and complain about my situation of not being able to dry my clothes for 2.5 weeks and no one contacting me as promised. I ask to speak to a supervisor or escalation team that was supposed to contact me on two occasions. I am put on hold. After 10 mins I am hung up on.

-I call again, explain the situation from the beginning and ask why no one has called me as promised. I am told that I need to schedule a delivery for the Dryer and since that wasn't done, the earliest delivery is now Feb 1st. I explain how absurd this is as I have been waiting for someone to contact me as per their instruction, having to resort to hang drying my clothes this entire time with the promise of Jan 7th being the latest day. I ask to be transferred to the escalation team or a supervisor. I am told that's not possible and that she will help me. I ask that a different dryer of similar value be delivered instead, whatever is available. The rep tells me she can't do that and that I need to purchase another dryer if I want it delivered sooner. I ask to be transferred to a supervisor or escalation team again to see if they have more visibility or provide me with different options. I am told I cannot be transferred to a supervisor, they are busy and I have to keep calling until I reach one, which I thought I ludicrous if not downright insulting all things considered.

-At this point after having wasted almost two hours on combined calls and having an important work meeting coming up, I hang up the phone.

This has been by far the worst experience of any purchase I've ever made. From the false promises to unhelpful agents, to time wasted calling and waiting for deliveries all while having no dryer. I will never make any major purchase from Best Buy again and will tell everyone I know about this horrific experience so they do not make the same mistake. I want to return everything I bought and deal with a competent company that treats their customers with respect and takes care of them.

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Re: Worst exprience buying appliances ever. Damaged appliance delivered, no help, no customer ser...

Hello, vlad83,


Thank you for taking the time to make our team aware of your recent experience. Coordinating the delivery and installation requires careful planning from all parties involved. If one of the appliances had been delayed, you should have been informed, and I am sorry to hear that wasn’t the case. I also understand the dryer had physical damage, which ultimately prevented it from functioning properly. I’ve had to temporarily live with out a dryer myself, so I know that isn’t an ideal situation. It sounds like we are currently waiting for both appliances to arrive, which is likely causing the delivery delays. I’d be happy to investigate this for you, as it is clear you have not received the level of support we would have expected.


You’re welcomed to send a Private Message, so I can collect the necessary information. To send a Private Message, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature.



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