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Worst experience with any company ever

My washing machine and dryer were 9 or 10 years old. My dryer, after being repaired a few times, finally gave out completely. My wife and I decided that since we were getting a new dryer, we would try to see if there were any washer/dryer combo deals. We did our research, looking at Lowes, Home Depot, and Best Buy. We finally decided on best buy because they had an offer that if you open a card you can have no interest for 24 months. So, we decided to open a card with them. While browsing the site, we also noticed a deal that if you buy a washer/dryer combo, you get a $150 gift card. This was great, so we carefully selected everything we needed and went to the checkout.
Problem #1 – I tried to checkout with my newly created card, but I couldn’t. I got this error, “We're sorry, something went wrong on our end.”. So, I decided to call customer service. The first person I called had no idea what that meant, so they transferred me. The next person said I needed to call a different number just for the credit card. I called that number and it turns out the card they gave me only had a limit of $1000, yet our washer dryer was a little over $1600.
Problem #2 - I asked for a credit increase just to cover the washer/dryer, so I asked for an increase to $1700. Denied. Oh well, I thought, I’ll just go back on and use a second form of payment for the money over the initial $1000. It was already bad enough that we had to pay this $700 upfront when we were planning to pay it off, but we decided to anyway since we had put so much research into this purchase already.
Problem #3 – I got to the checkout and realize there is no way to put a second credit card as a form of payment…only gift cards! So, I had to go back and buy gift cards. I went and bought $700 worth of gift cards, through e-delivery since it was late at night and I don’t have a best buy really close to me. Waited….waited, and
Problem #4- they never arrived! I called customer service and they couldn’t get to the bottom of it. It was very late so I decided to try again the next morning. When I woke up they still hadn’t arrived. So, I called customer service again. I got transferred 3 times, from customer service, to elevated customer service, to someone in the online order department. They were able to see that a glitch in their system was keeping the order from going through. I finally got my gift cards.
Problem #5 When I went to checkout though, I noticed that my free $150 gift card order was no longer in my cart! This was getting ridiculous. I tried to make my purchase anyway, and
Problem #6 then got the same error that I first got when using my best buy card, even though this time I only applied something like $990 to my card, under my $1000 limit! I tried again an hour later, and that went away on its own luckily. However, I still didn’t have my gift card that I was owed….so I called customer service again which by this point I had saved into my phone. I went from customer service, to elevated customer service, to someone in appliances, finally to someone in the geek squad. They had to research that I actually had things in my cart the day before, because the offer ended. After talking to her manager and saying my story about 4 times, I finally got someone to approve that they will send me the $150 gift card (which I am still waiting on). Fast forward to delivery day. I had to take a Friday off because at this point we were living without a washer/dryer for a few days. The guys came in and immediately I noticed
Problem #7 that there were two large dents in the washing machine. They told me I could get a discount, but when I talked to, you guessed it, customer service again, they said they would only give me a 10% discount. This was not worth it because the dents were gigantic so I decided to schedule that someone would come back another day and replace it with a new one. Once they left I figured that most of my problems were finally behind me. I had the day to myself so I decided to catch up on laundry. The washer worked fine so I decided to put it in the dryer. 1 hour later I came to check on the clothes, and they were still soaked…
Problem #8 the dryer wasn’t drying!!!! I was fuming at this point. I had to bring my soaking wet laundry to a laundromat down the street so that it would be wearable and not get moldy. I called the same guys for them to get back to my house with a new one or to check that they installed it correctly, but they wouldn’t. I called customer service and they told me we couldn’t schedule a new route until the next day. When I called, the earliest route was Problem #10 - 4 days later, on a week day. There was no way I was taking off another day to wait around for people to fix a mistake that shouldn’t have been made in the first place. After multiple calls to customer service again, I finally got them to schedule the final route of the day, 4 days later, so that I didn’t have to take off work. When they came they gave me a new washer and dryer. I had them show me all of the functionalities work before they left, because I wasn’t letting this happen again.
Finally the nightmare was over. This was the worse experience buying anything in my entire life. There were so many problems it was as if I was living in a sitcom, and none of this was real. Literally every step of the way there was a problem, and sometimes more than one. Not one of these problems should have occurred in dealing with Best Buy, yet I had to deal with NINE DIFFERENT PROBLEMS! I’ve been frustrated beyond belief and wasted hours and hours of my personal time. I was assured by my last call to customer service that I would be compensated for all of my troubles, but all they would offer me again was just a $70 gift card, which was 10% of only the washers cost. I wanted to try one more time to contact someone on here to correctly compensate me for all of the problems. Otherwise I have no problem in never using best buy again and telling this story to as many people as I possibly can.
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Re: Worst experience with any company ever

Hello, Sirsharpz, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for reaching out for support on our forum and for taking the time to share your recent experience. I can only imagine the frustration and inconveniences you experienced after reading through the series of issues that occurred from start to finish with your washer and dryer purchase. I apologize for the problems you ran into with purchasing these appliances online, using your My Best Buy credit card, receiving your gift cards, and the delivery and quality of your products. I can understand wanting to share this experience and see what can possibly be done now.


That being said, I'd like to start by reviewing your account and purchase. Please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and order number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name, below.



Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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