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Worst experience ever

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I was supposed to have my fridge delivered on Saturday. I got a call in Friday confirming my delivery and that everything was all set. Then Saturday I get a call at 7 am informing me that my fridge can’t be delivered until Monday. So I call back to see what’s going on since I needed to have the fridge Saturday. The guy explained that he’s an outside company that delivers the items and that their Best Buy marketing manager will call me by the end of the day. His name is Bill {Removed per forum guidelines}(Pittsburgh). Never heard from Bill. Monday rolls around still haven’t heard from Bill. I called back they said he took the day off and will call me first thing in the morning. Cool. Tuesday morning rolls around and still no call from Bill {Removed per forum guidelines}(. So I call back and they now tell me that I have to call 1800bestbuy. So I called them and had to explain my situation about 4 times for random customer service people that couldn’t help me. Finally they offer me a gift card. HA! As if I’m ever going to be buying anything from Best Buy again!? I can’t even use the gift card to pay my Best Buy credit card bill! I declined because it’s useless to me. The man who spoke to me, Fred, at the escalation center was extremely rude and condescending and told me that he was going to put me on hold so I can think about things. Insulted and disappointed with Best Buy. I do not have a lot of money. And because of this mistake I’ve had to throw all my food out and take an additional day off of work. Which Tanecia in customer service told me cannot be compensated. I hope this can save someone the trouble from purchasing from Best Buy. Amazon, Big Lots, Sears, etc. there are so many places that will make things right when they mess up. Best Buy isn’t one of them.