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Worst customer service I've experienced

I've been a customer for years, and have bought the majority of my electronics from you.  So when I was looking for a washer and dryer, I was happy to see the price on the one I wanted, so I went into the store and bought them.  The kid who rang me up was pleasant, and added the things I would need to have them installed and stacked.


The day of delivery came.  The installers were supposed to arrive between 3-5.  I arranged to work from home.  I was happy when someone called a little after 10 and asked if they could be my next stop.  


When they showed up, I went to greet them in the driveway.  I'm a very friendly person, and was thrilled that my new machines were here.  The two men, Fritz and Mark, weren't especially nice.  I felt like my smiles hit a brick wall.  Okay, everyone has a bad day.


They brought the machines onto my deck, so they could bring the machines through my kitchen.  The old machines had already been removed, and until my handyman could come to collect them, they were outside on the deck.  Only one of the two men did all the speaking, and he started his catch-phrase, "we have a problem," before he even got in the house.  I don't know what the first problem was, as I was inside and he was quiet.  But I guess he got past it, and they brought the two machines into the kitchen.


Then came the catch-phrase again, and he told me he can't get the machines into the bathroom without even having tried.  He showed me his ruler, and to me it looked like it very well could fit.  In my anxious state, I asked him to try.  He wasn't going to, and talked about the width of the doorway.  The door had already been removed the night before.  I asked him if we removed some of the moulding.  He said he couldn't do that, and I told him I could.  But again, I asked him to try bringing the machines in, because according to the specs, they should have.


Lo and behold, the machines smoothly got into the bathroom.  No scraping, nothing.  Once both machines were in, they started assembling the stacking unit.  Then we had another problem.  It turned out that the kid in the store added the wrong stacking unit to the order and they couldn't finish the installation.  They were standing in my kitchen, and I have a nice, natural wood table that the other installer not-so-gently put the metal rod onto.  And yes, he did leave some small scratches.  I told them I wanted them to hook up the washer and dryer side by side for now, as I hadn't been able to wash my laundry for a week already.  Oh, and I did notice later that they never even took the new vents for the dryer out of the box.  They just used my old one, which wasn't as nice and wasn't secure.  Back to the kitchen...


The talking installer called someone on his cell. I was standing a couple of feet from him, and my phone started ringing.  I didn't pick it up because all this was going on.  After I declined the call, he then told me that the call I hung up on was the woman he was speaking to.  


Why on earth couldn't he have told me she was calling?  Or just let her speak to me on his phone?


The woman told me that I needed to send the stacking kit back with the installers, and that I would have to schedule a service appointment with another six hour window.  And the kicker was that I had to wait till the next day to do that!

Then she told me that she would call me, and I took her at her word.


Well, guess what?  She didn't call the next day.


The day after that, I called Best Buy and went through the phone menus.  When I finally got someone on the line, he told me he would have to look into it and call me back.  I told him I was going to be in a meeting from 1-2, but of course, that was when he called.  I couldn't pick up.


When I got back to my desk and called, it turned out his shift had ended and I spoke to a woman.  I was getting upset, and then I told her all of the issues with the two installers.  I told her I didn't want them to come back, and I expressed my dissatisfaction with having to arrange to work from home another day.  I asked her if she could give me a smaller window, after all, I was accomodating to them when they wanted to come early, and I was upset at the way things were left.  She wouldn't do that, and told me, "the best I can do is take 20% off the new stacking kit." The price of the kit was $40.  I was upset, but had no choice but to schedule another 6-hour window a week away.


After I got off the phone with her, I tried calling the store to talk to a manager.  After being on hold for a very long time, just trying to reach anyone, I gave up and called the 800 number.


When I told the woman everything, she said that the woman's offer on the discount on the stacking kit was just wrong, and that typically, Best Buy offers 10% off the entire purchase.  BUT, I would have to call back the day after the stacking is done to do that.  I told her I want someone to know about this, but she told me again to call back the day after they finish.  She told me that a third party does deliveries and installations.  I guess that may be typical, but whoever you contract with from the Millbury, Massachusetts store, is awful.  


My appointment was for today to have the stacking done.  So by later afternoon, I was surprised that I hadn't heard anything, because for the first appointment, I already had several text messages.  So I called the store.  After holding for 12 minutes on my cell, just for anyone to pick up, I put it on speaker and used my desk phone to call the 800 number.  


The first person I talked to transferred me to the wrong place, after his telling me how he wanted to put my call through to the correct place.  When the woman answered, and I started going through the whole thing, and she told me she needed to transfer me.  She could tell I was quite angry by then, and she gave the next person a summary before she patched me through.


I want you to know, that my cell phone was still on, and NO ONE HAD PICKED UP IN 15 MINUTES.  What kind of customer service is that?


By the time I reached the right person, I just wanted someone to come and take back the washer and dryer.  I told her that I was still on hold and had passed 15 minutes already.  She said that the people in the stores are focused on helping the customers in the store, and even she would have to hold for long periods.  I want you to know (the employee that files this complaint) that customer service does not end with an exchange of money.  How is it that Best Buy doesn't acknowledge that?????


I told her I wanted to send the machines back, and then she told me that I was scheduled between 7-9 the next morning for the service.  I asked her why I wasn't informed of that.  She said they typically communicate that in the evenings.  If I hadn't been on the schedule, I wouldn have sent it back, but I just wanted my washer and dryer to be finished, so I kept the appointment.


The guys showed up in the last 15 minutes of the 2-hour window.  They were professional and finished the installation.


Best Buy has a big problem.  I will NEVER purchase an appliance through you again.  If you think that you are losing business to internet companies, perhaps it is really because customers feel that you don't appreciate them  the second a customer leaves the store.