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Worst Service Never Recived Delivery

WHAT KIND OF SERVICE AND COMPANY IS THIS! By far this is the worst customer service you can ever imagine, my Order # is {removed per forum guidelines}. Here is the worst experience I have had EVER from any company and it happens to be with Best Buy, after many phone call hours about a 7 hours in hold times to in store complaints with supervisor and store managers from multiple locations, and my issue was not resolved.


  • My Elderly Grandmother and I purchased a Samsung 65’ T.V from Best Buy store #0559, Pembroke Pines, FL 05-25-20 for Memorial Day weekend we also purchased an extended 2-year warranty. The day we went to this store due to Covid-19 the store was not allowing anyone inside without appointments but since it was heavily raining and they had a walk-in opening they allowed us to come inside, we found the T.V we liked and purchased it. The sales associate (if needed I’m able to give his information) recommended home delivery because it was raining so bad and all of the flood warning to prevent the product getting wet we agree and noticed the arrival date was a week later 6/1/2020 which is pretty long but we agreed. We proceeded to leave where the sale associate I noticed took a picture of the screen after I made the purchase and I wasn’t sure why. He assured us he “was going to pack it for us now and place our product in the back for delivery”.


  • The following week 6/1/20 the day of delivery Monday our scheduled drop off time was the hours of 7am-12pm the delivery service arrived and proceed to deliver a refrigerator after I stopped them showing as well as telling them that was not my order and I had order a Samsung 65 inch. They told me it was an error in the system and they would return with my order after about 4pm and no calls or emails I decided to contact the Best Buy store 954-44-6135 where I spoke with Vanessa. She told me to contact the customer care line at 1-888-237-8289 because it’s nothing they could do once it has left to go to the warehouse. I called the customer care line and was on hold for 58 Minutes 41 sec / Finally got an Agent who told me it’s nothing they could do today I would have to call tomorrow because in the system it shows they couldn’t deliver my item and now I had to reschedule 
  • That next day – Tuesday 6/2/20 -I called Customer Care again because they told me I needed to reschedule an appointment that Best buy cancelled this time a hold time of 49minutes 18 seconds the female agent I spoke to was respectful and kind and reassured me that my item will be on route Thursday 06/04/20. I asked for a same day delivery or next day because it was an error on their behalf and I’m more inconvenienced she offered me a gift card that she could not issue out until I received my order and I would have to contact this care line again to receive 25 dollars she sated the system does not allow that option of same day or next day service. Eager to get my item as soon as I could I agree and Again I clear my day to be home All day so I would be there and it would not have any more delay.  
  • On Thursday 06/04/20, I waited all day and know one came I received No call or emails about cancellation. 
  • Friday, 06/05/20 and I still haven’t heard from any one I contacted Best buy care line where I was on hold for a total of 4 hours and 8 minutes where I spoke to Ruby employee #69417 where she was very rude and no help at all about my order not being delivered telling me my order was now canceled without any details. She transferred my call after me asking to speak with a supervisor sent the call to home theater where I spoke with Don W. call center located in the Midwest area. She offered me a refund but I was confused as to what was being refunded again where she told me my item was cancelled and could not give me details. I wanted my TV because not only was it a good buy but since the sale had ended I wouldn’t be able to get this offer again. We went back in forth for a while as I explained my story and again she was not able to help me and decided to transfer my call to a supervisor who she explained briefly telling me she was still on hold to speak to the supervisor which took an additional 42 min. Finally, I spoke with a supervisor Dale M from a call center in Missouri who after I explained everything and the solution still wasn’t met he advised me to go to the location where I purchased the T.V. I went back to store and they informed me they don’t know what happened to my delivery in the item had become no longer available but I could not understand because it was an Open box deal and I had the last one. I informed the supervisor Travis everything that happened he was not able to do anything besides issue a refunded the lack of communication and the service provided was horrible no one understand and giving me the same “theirs is nothing they could do” answer How does a paid for T.V just go missing making think at this location or the warehouse there is a theft problem. Now I have to wait an additional 3-5 days to receive my money BACK without any product. This store recommended me to store #1258 and assured me they had the T.V I was looking for and I could purchase it there 
  • Saturday 06/6/20 I was told to speak with the store manager kirk who again tells me the T.V I was looking for was not there and it was nothing he could do besides offering a different T.V. I’m beyond disappointed in the Best Buy Brand. I will never buy any products from any Best Buy stores the lack of knowledge and concern and time awareness shows me they don’t care about their customers and I’m beyond upset I could not get the product I paid for nor an explanation as to how my item was just cancelled without my knowledge or authority and how it had just gone missing. A complete waste of my time on multiple days for people who don’t really care and have no compassion and offer no solutions or help. DON’T BUY ANYTHING AND HAVE IT DELIVRED THEY HAVE HORRIBLE SERVICE!
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Re: Worst Service Never Recived Delivery

Good morning, Li16,


Thank you for taking the time to visit our community forums. We strive to make the purchase delivery and experience as smooth as possible and I apologize that we missed the mark this time.


I appreciate you providing your feedback about this order so we can continue to improve our customer service in the future. I hope we have the opportunity to assist you again in the future so we can provide you a better purchasing experience. If you need help at that time, please don't hesitate to reach out.



AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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