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Worst Customer experience ever.

I have no faith in BestBuy during and probably after this pandemic. I understand that we all need to have patience during this pandemic and remote working condititions. I ordered a microwave online about a month ago. During the order process I scheduled installation. An hour after the order was placed I receive an email that I need to schedule my installation appointment. I ignored it since I believed it was sent in error. The next day I received and automated call that I need to schedule delivery. I log in to to see if I still had an installation appointment. to my surprise there was none. When I went to schedule it the calendar was greyed out for the next four months. I called Bestbuy customer service. I told the person my issue and they tried to schedule it and found they had the same issue. They mentioned that they put in an escalation and I should receive communication about the installation in the next 24-48 hours. To summarize the 9 other calls to BestBuy. hold times ranged from a1/2 to 2and 1/2 hours even going through the Corporate number. They only transfers you back to the Customer Service. One person working from home was having conversations with another person and a child in half Spanish and half English. I get disconnected and never called back. I ask to talk to supervisor and get disconnected and never called back. I talk to a "supervisor" guaranteed that they will follow up and call me back in 24-48 hours. It never happened. The escalation was in place for 2-3 weeks with no movement what so ever. During one of my conversations with a member of either customer service or Geek Squad, I found out that about half the people do not put add anything into the ticket not even that I called. This was when I asked to speak to the supervisors name I had written down. Another issue I had was they set up an appointment with one of the stores that are now open. The store called and after looking at my case called back to say there is nothing they can do because of the 2-3 week escalation case that is assigned to my order. The issue finally got resolved when the last person I spoke to canceled my order and placed it again. The installation was able to get scheduled. The reason I went through so much time is that I have points saved up I wanted to use. All I was looking for was a date for installation. This is what I have found out. There is no way to escalate to anyone at BestBuy. You cannot trust the person is a "supervisor" since they do not even update tickets. There is no complaint department at BestBuy Corporate. The operator says you have to go trough the Customer support number. A company that has a services department and sells technology cannot even find an issue or handle an escalation in about a month's time. After years of being a BestBuy member I feel that I need to move on and find another supplier.