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Worse Case of Customer Service EVER BEST BUY!!!

Hello Carlos,

My understanding is that you are the case manager for our account and I wanted to document our frustration with Best Buy and your poor customer service. We purchased our Washer and Dryer units and was given a window of delivery between 7.30am and 1pm. This window was narrowed down to a new estimated delivery time between 9.30 and 11.30 on the Friday before delivery day. I made sure to be at the location for the delivery, which is a house we recently purchased but we had not yet occupy, since our move in date is later this month. When the window of delivery came and went my wife and I called Best Buy repeatedly, eventually received an explanation about logistic issues at the Warehouse and our new delivery time was said to be 2pm. Not only were they not delivered at that new time but did we not even receive any updates from Best Buy, to indicate what our new window was for the delivery of the items. We eventually got in contact with an agent and after much back and forth, we were assured that our units will be delivered that day. The contractor by AJ Transport Services, also reached out, they were hired to resolve the logistics challenges Best Buy Warehouse had that day. The contact person for this contractor service assured us that they will be at our house by 8.30PM and they will call us when they were half hour out from location. There was no further communication with AJ Transport Services until they answered our call, after many attempts at 8.33Pm and said that it will be another hour before they would be at the house. Mr. Ayalla, let me reiterate that we were not fully moved into our new home as yet. To ensure everything went well with the delivery, it meant we had to schedule time to be at the house to allow access. Given, that the original window was between 9.30 to 11.30am and we were still at the house waiting for the delivery up to 10.30 PM, which never came. Words cannot begin to express our frustration and how much the lack of communication from everyone involved on the Best Buy end inconvenienced us. On our drive home at 10.53PM, the contractor calls us to indicate that they were 35 minutes away from the house. We advised her that we had already left and we were headed home. The contractor then mentioned something to effect about rescheduling, did not offer much of an apology for the fact that the day had now ended ad we have yet to receive our items from Best Buy. Sir, I am being told today that the new window is 12 - 6PM on Wednesday. I am expecting you to do what is necessary to ensure 3 things, anything less will be unacceptable:

(1) Our items are in fact delivered and installed in a professional manner on that day

(2) We narrow down this window to be between 4 - 6 on Wednesday

(3) Best Buy compensates us for this demonstration of extremely poor customer service and the inconvenienced we experienced on Saturday

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Re: Worse Case of Customer Service EVER BEST BUY!!!

Hi there, samiam268!


Thank you so much for reaching out to us regarding your experience. I see that you have sent a Private Message as well, so I will be replying there shortly to request additional information so that I can locate your order. 



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