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**Woodland Park, NJ Store- Refused to Accept TV Return**

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My TV (TCL 55" LED 6 Series) was delivered to my home this morning at the estimated delivery time of 8-10am, December 1. My order number is {removed per forum guidelines}


Unfortunately, the TV dimensions did not fit in the desired location. So, I ordered for store pickup a TCL 50" LED 5 series for today. And I packed up the TV that was delivered and headed to the Woodland Park, NJ store to return the TV and pickup the smaller TV. 


The customer service agent was helpful and explained the store could not accept my return of the TCL 55" LED 6 series due to the Best Buy system was not updated to indicate the TV had been delivered to me. Then, I discussed the matter with the supervisor Ms. Cindy {removed per forum guidelines}.  She said the same thing and refused to try to come up with a solution that the store could accept my return today. She said the store could not hold the TV since the Best Buy System had not been updated with the current status (delivered). I asked her to call the General Manager of the store. She told me he wasn't due in the store until this Tuesday, 12/3, and refused to call him. After I asked her again to come up with a way I could return the TV today, Ms. Cindy {removed per forum guidelines} refused and told me I would have to take the TV back home with me. 


As a consequence of Best Buy not being able to come up with a mutually beneficial solution, I canceled my order for the TCL 50" TV that I had intended to pick up and took back the TCL 55" TV to my home. I do plan to return the TCL 55" once Best Buy's system is updated. 


I'm a long time customer of Best Buy and I'm greatly disappointed in Best Buy and in Ms. Cindy {removed per forum guidelines} of Woodland Park, NJ. Can Best Buy Corporate kindly read and respond to my email and suggest a way that I can be satisfied. As it is now, I plan to purchase the TCL 50" at an alternative retail store. I challenge Best Buy to provide a customer service solution that can rectify this issue. 


Thank you in advance,


Clark {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: **Woodland Park, NJ Store- Refused to Accept TV Return**

Hello, Clark.

Let us first thank you for registering as a new user on our Community Forums. So, welcome!

We understand that there are times when a product doesn’t fit our customer’s needs. Because of this we strive to make the return or exchange process a seamless one. So, we apologize that your experience was not a representation of this. We would love a chance to investigate this on your behalf.

Would you mind providing your full name, phone, and email in a private message, please? Simply click on the blue ‘Private Message’ button to the far right of my signature.

We look forward to assisting you!


Wesley|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: **Woodland Park, NJ Store- Refused to Accept TV Return**

I'm still awaiting resolution to my issue. Any updates?





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Re: **Woodland Park, NJ Store- Refused to Accept TV Return**

Hello again, clarkguam.


There have been some recent updates to your inquiry, and I’ve shared those in the last private message that was sent not long ago. Please keep an eye on your inbox, and feel free to let us know if we can provide any further support from this platform. We certainly want to ensure this is resolved!



Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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