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Why can’t things just go smoothly ???

Well…. Another terrible Best Buy experience where I invest hours of time trying to get something I ordered or get my money back. My other horror story involves spending thousands on new appliances and not getting them until 11 months later although they scheduled delivery 5 times and cancelled the day of… after I took off work.

On this issue, however, I wanted to order Nintendo Switch games for my son’s birthday. I decided to try price matching because Amazon had them cheaper - but I had a credit I needed to use at Best Buy. I go through the online price matching process - which takes a very long time and required me toggling back and forth between the Best Buy site, the Amazon site and the Best Buy chat. I got disconnected midway through and had to start over. Finally it worked. The Best Buy rep was enthusiastic and I appreciated his help.

A couple days later, I received a text that my package was delivered. I went to look for it right when I got the text. It was not there. No package. I start calling Best Buy and there was a long hold time. I tried chatting. Also a long hold time. Then I realize that the phone and chat lines are closed. Why isn’t there a message upfront that everything is closed and the reps aren’t available??

I tried the next day and actually the hold time was shorter and I got a rep. She said no problem - she’d help re-order the package. She said two of the three games could be shipped but I’d have to pick up one at the store. I said I lived a long way from the store and all three showed available for shipping when I looked online. She said I’d have to pick up one at the store. Fine.

I get an email saying my reshipment order had been received and I’d be notified when they shipped the items.

A day later, I get an email saying the third game was ready to be picked up. But in the email it asks if I want to ship the game instead of picking up…. Which I had been told wasn’t possible. I clicked, yes, ship. I got it a day or two later. Great.

I still had not gotten the other two games. I wait. Nothing.

Long story short, I then tried calling no less than 6 times and 4 different chat sessions. One of my calls was over an hour. One of my chat sessions was 45 minutes. One was 35-40 minutes. This happened repeatedly and the series of events is basically: hold for the representative. Sometimes 15 minutes. Explain the issue. Be put on hold. Get disconnected. Start over. Maybe then I’d get put on hold 2-3 times. After 3 of these calls, one of the reps explained my reshipment was cancelled the day it was ordered because the items were back ordered. So why didn’t they refund my money then?? Or send me an email?? There was an offer to transfer me or refund my money a couple times but I would get disconnected or put on another long hold before it was completed. The worst was the call that was over an hour with a person named Sydney. He raised his voice at me and was extremely rude. I can provide the date and time of the call so you can listen to it. I asked to speak to his supervisor repeatedly but he said she was not available or that then there was a system issue and that she texted him to say she was not able to speak to me. Right…..

I just wanted the reps to reorder the two games for me. By the way. My son’s birthday has passed. He didn’t get the games. The reps said they couldn’t order the games or that a special department had to do it. But yet when they tried to transfer me, the call disconnected.

It’s crazy to me that on the day Best Buy placed my reshipment order, they cancelled the order because the items were supposedly back ordered. But no one contacted me or sent me a message or processed a refund. I had to call to find out what happened and I still have not gotten any information on how much they refunded and when I would receive it. Why?? I’ve called and chatted repeatedly and still no resolution. Ideally - I want what I ordered. If not, I want a full refund. And I’d love the hours of my life that I have spent on this terrible customer service back. Seriously.
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Re: Why can’t things just go smoothly ???

Hi there, Rkidwell,


Welcome back to our community forums and thank you for taking the time to let us know about your recent experience getting assistance with this purchase. I know whenever I order something I keep a very close eye on my tracking information to make sure I know exactly when a package arrives. I can understand your frustration to encounter so many issues when trying to receive these games.


I appreciate you providing some context on what has happened so far. Due to system limitations, the agent that you spoke to would be unable to have a third set of these games sent to you. If you'd like, I can look into what options I May have to assist you with this order.


If you'd like me to look into this for you, I will need some more information. Can you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone nubmer

Order number


You can send me a private message by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of this post. I look forward to hearing back from you.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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