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Where is my LG Wash Tower???

We purchesd an LG Washtower form the outlet on December 30th. We brught it home and installed it. Started a load of laundry and water poured out on the floor. We opted to let Best Buy replace it. The replacement was supposed to show up Jan 11th and it never showed!!  I ahve called sevral times and no ne is able to tell me wher it is or when to expect it. The updated order only shows pick up of the defective one for this wekend, but the repacement has vanished off the order. This process has been so frustrsing and it is hard ro beleive that Best Buy can't do better than this. I can't beleive that no one is able to call the delivery service and find out where the washer/dryer is. They say the delivery service is Dynasty Logistics. I called them and throw Best Buy under the bus. Will someone please help!!!