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What a frustrating day

WHAT A FRUSTRATING DAY!!  Yesterday, I received an email from Best Buy confirming an 8 hour window for delivery of my refrigerator.  Delivery window from 7AM to 1PM.  Stayed home from work to ensure I was here for the delivery as required...  NO SHOW AND NO CALL by 3:30PM.  Finally called them and they blamed the no delivery on trucks that broke down at 9AM and told me the truck was still in the shop.  They had information that a delivery truck broke down at 9AM and did not anyone that their delivery was not going to happen???  I get things happen, but the lack of communication by Best Buy is absolutely inexcusable.


Then to top it off...  I offered to go and pick it up.  Could not do that because my refrigerator is sitting on a truck and cannot be rescheduled until it's scanned back in the warehouse.  UUUMMM...  Give me one that is in the warehouse in stock??  Then reading these posts it sounds like my refrigerator will be "placed back in stock to sell" when it's scanned in???  What is that?


I thought I was supporting a Minnesota based company (corporate headquarters in MN) - but the level mismanagement is really shocking.  I don't know why Best Buy has to go with the lowest 3rd party bidder.  You would think they would care about their corporate image, but I guess not.  So much for customer first.

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Re: What a frustrating day

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Hi there, jletze,


Welcome to our community forums. I appreciate you letting us know about this delivery. I know it isn't always easy to make time to wait for a delivery appointment. I can certainly understand how disappointing it would to wait for so long only to be told that this delivery was unable to be competed.


Have you been able to get assistance with this order since making this post? If not, please let me know. I would be glad to review this and see what options I may have to help moving forward.


AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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