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What a fiasco!!!


The worst experience with Best Buy!  I will NEVER buy anything from this store again.  Bought a dishwasher and had delivery and installation.......It was scheduled from 7:30 - 10:00  Spent ALL DAY on the phone calling Best Buy who could not locate the installer....started calling them at 11:30....many holds for 10 15 minutes at a time..couple of cut offs or hang ups on me!  Promising that someone will call me back and let me know where the are and when they will be here.  Never heard from anyone..called BB several more times..could tell me nothing except they are on their way.  At 4:00 PM a pick up with a young man and his 12 year old son arrive with the dishwasher.....install and finish by 5:15..........after they leave I notice a screw laying on the floor and the front panel is loose on one best buy next day...Rhonda a supervisor who I had spoken wit throughout this whole fiasco was again no help..she said I would hear from someone about checking the problem that afternoon or in the morning...of course NOTHING..I called again 2 days later started at 10:00 when they opened ane was on the the phone till 1;00 trying to get some help...hold cut off several I am talking with Tazzie!  she gives me the corporate office's number..I call and talk with some lady from Panama  OMG this is ridiculous!! Some man she says is a manager gets on the tells me someone will be out today.  4:00 the same installer and his son hour later gets the panel fixed!  I am so over Best Buy...I am DONE with them.  The people in their store are totally incompetent..not to mention the lies and lack of customer service! I will spend my $$$$ elsewhere.  Could have gotten the same price anywhere else Home Depot, Lowes, Cohens, but I went with Best Buy because they could deliver and install earlier than the others..WOW!! was I mistaken.  Would love to send it back and get my money back and go somewhere else!