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Water damage nightmare

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My husband and I had a refrigerator installed on 11/17/2018. When we purchased the fridge, we were informed we would need to purchase a stainless steel mesh water line for the install. The line cost $29.99. We were told this was mandatory for any install to prevent water leaks. I asked the salesman if my husband and I needed to do anythign else prior to the install and was told that the installers would handle everything including halling away the old refrigerator. 


The refrigerator was delievered and installed. The installers reviewed features with my husband. Fast forward to Tuesday morning, I noticed water bubbling up fro between the planks of my bamboo floor in the next room. I investigated and found the water line connection to be leaking. I phoned my dad for assistance. We moved the refrigerator out and noticed that the line had never been changed. The old piece of copper tubing remained. I then phoned Best Buy and spoke to Ms Jackie who had Mr. Bob call me back. A Geek squad member brought out the replacmenet line and installed it later that afternoon.


Long story short-- I have had to rip up flooring in two rooms. It is unclear if I will be able to save the bamboo (only installed one month ago). The carpet in an adjacent room is a loss as this is a room that is currently used for storage and we did not find the water until Wednesday when we noticed a smell coming from that direction. I phoned customer service, and was given the phone number for Sedgwick. No one answers the phone their and I have not received any communication from them. I would appreciate any assistance as literally half of my home is in disarray from this incident. 



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Re: Water damage nightmare

Hello, SarahGailWilliamson –


Thank you for choosing Best Buy for your new refrigerator. I’m sorry to hear that damage occurred to your home due to the installation. We sincerely apologize for our tardy response to your post due to a higher-than-normal volume of concerns we’ve received. We’d be happy to see what assistance we may be able to offer you at this time.


Have you filed a claim with Sedgwick Claim Management Services by calling (800) 620-7409? If you have, we’d be happy to request an update on your behalf. Please send us a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and Sedgwick claim number. A private message can be sent to us by choosing the blue “Private Message” button in my signature. If you haven’t filed on yet, we highly recommend that you do so at this time. We look forward to your reply.



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February Update: Water damage nightmare

It is now February 10. I had been advised to have an assessment completed for mold damage and that Sedgwick would pay the company directly. This assessment was completed by an environmentalist to whom I was referred by Servepro. Servepro states they are unable to perform the services needed. The invoice was submitted directly to Sedgewick by the vendor as directed. Over a month later, the vendor has now forwarded the invoice to me as she has had no contact or remittance of payment for services provided. 


The assessment of air quality indicates a serious mold issue with a "heavy mold" which can settle in the lungs causing pneumonitis. I have been unable to move forward with having this work begun. The mold remediation process alone is estimated to cost over $11,000. This does not include repairs to damaged walls, cabinetry,  and flooring. 


Needless to say, we are beyond echausted at this point. I had hoped that the process would begin to move forward after we were assigned a claims manager. There seemed to be some progress for about a month, and now we are stalled once again. Ongoing since November 20, 2018.

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Re: February Update: Water damage nightmare

Hi, Sarah,

Welcome back to the forums. I’m sorry that you are still having issues with this damage claim. 

Have you tried to reach back out directly to your claims manager? They are your best point of contact on this. If you have attempted to contact them recently, but have not heard back, please let me know.

Please just send me a private message, with your preferred contact email address and phone number, along with the last time you attempted to contact your claims manager. I can then see if we can get in touch with Sedgwick and have them reach out to you.


Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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