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Washing Machine Delivery Problem

Just had the worst delivery services with Best Buy. Received a call to deliver the product early, and we accomendated their request. When they arriived, the delivery person said that they could not inistall the washing machine because of a potential leaking issue. We called our super immeiately to see what we could resolve. They also asked me to talk to Geek Squad. While I was talking to the GeekSquad, our super showed up, we determined that the super will install the machine. The GeekSqud person hung up on me whlie we were discussinig the option (they told me that the call were recorded - and she still hung upon me) and the delivery left without informing me that they left with the washing machine. We lived in a small apartment, and they could not even walk two steps to say that they were leaving while I was on the call with their GeekSquad? All this happened within 5 - 10 miniutes span, which was shorter then their installation timeframe. When we called GeekSquad back, we were told that we should not accomendate the request to have washing machine delivered earleir. They were one hour + earlieir, but they could not return to deliver the machine per schedule from 2:30 to 6:30pm within 5 - 10 mins? They also could not schedule the next delviery immediately and we had to wait until tonight or got online on our own to find the next openinigs. Although they offered $75 dollars back, it is just rediculous that we as consumers had to be penalized for making more convenient for the business. They also told me that because there was no better solution, they would hang up the phone. I asked to speak to a manger, and they refused to allow the conversation. Ironcially, after we finished the call, we receive an immediate text that the next delivery is next Mon. I cannot express how disappointed I felt as a consumer. 

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Re: Washing Machine Delivery Problem

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Congratulations on your new washer purchase! Receiving new appliances is supposed to be a joyous occasion, not a cause for concern. We aim to make every purchase with us a positive one, but it would seem we fell short here. We absolutely could have left the washer to be installed later, and I am not sure why they took it with them. I would love to look further into this for you to see what our options for assistance may be in this scenario. Can you send a Private Message with the information below so that I can look up your My Best Buy account? You should be able to send Private Message by clicking the button to the right of my signature below!


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