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Washer/dryer installation

Ugh..where to begin? I’ll first say this is my first time ever writing in a forum or badly reviewing any company ever..I usually don’t believe in it however, I feel I should warn people because of how bad of a situation I ended up in. We ordered a new washer and dryer (huge purchase for us as we are new homeowners) from Best Buy. Installation was scheduled for last Thursday and the guys arrived and began putting the washer and dryer in place and removing the old washer/dryer. They came up to tell us they were finished and asked us to sign the paper and as I was signing they said “by the way, there are a few more steps you need to complete before using the washer and dryer because we couldn’t get them working.” They said that Best Buy did not order the correct parts to setup the steamer in the washer or to setup the gas dryer. They told me this was a common theme with Best Buy because they are newer at selling washer and dryers and haven’t mastered what is needed like Lowe’s and Home Depot have. They told me I needed to go out and buy a few parts and that I would have to call someone else to get it setup. This was extremely upsetting because not only did I pay for installation but they have now hauled away my semi-working washer and dryer (they didn’t work great, but worked) to put a washer and dryer in that I couldn’t use. I went back and forth all day on the phone and eventually had to hire a plumber to come get it setup because we were concerned about our safety due to the guys messing around with the gas line when trying to setup the dryer. The 3rd party Best Buy uses for installation then sent someone out on his way home from his route (after I called them for the 5th time and again expressed my concerns around safety and the gas line) and he stopped in to say “yep all good” (he really wasn’t needed because everything was up and running by that time) and then left. I was working with a customer service rep at Best Buy but then she went rouge and hasn’t answered my emails since Thursday. It is now Sunday and I have yet to even be paid back for the installation fees or anything else. I asked the customer service rep to escalate this but she said that she was the highest it could go...she said the only managers they have are HR managers?! She also told me that “I should have had the right parts in my house ready for them and my house just have a weird setup because she has never heard of that happening.” She honestly made me feel stupid and was more concerned with what I mentioned the 3rd party said about Best Buy vs. making this situation right. I confirmed with both the 3rd party and the plumber (who I had to pay $200+ to come out for an emergency call) that my house is a totally normal setup and the kit that Best Buy sends with their technicians is a problem 90% of the time but sometimes the 3rd party has extra parts in their truck to get things up and running..) The 3rd party appliance installer manager has called me several times to apologize and see if anything else is needed from them..but silence from the Best Buy team. The Best Buy team is the one that has to handle any refunds I have been told. Anyway, this was a huge expensive purchase for us that we saved long and hard to make happen and hired the Best Buy professionals to install and get this up and running for me so everything was SAFE and running correctly and I was left to feel concerned about my safety and like going with Best Buy was a huge mistake. After all, my husband really wanted to go with Home Depot and I know none of this would have happened if I listened to him.
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Re: Washer/dryer installation

And just to clarify...this whole situation went down last Thursday and as of Sunday (today) I have not heard back from Best Buy regarding my refund of installation fees and hall away fees (which they promised would be refunded right away when I spoke to them Thursday AM) and compensation for the plumber I had to pay to come out due to this safety hazard.
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Re: Washer/dryer installation

Hello, lizzi5233,


Welcome and thank you for posting on the forums!


I truly appreciate you taking the time to write us about this, and choosing us to purchase your new washer and dryer. Home install and delivery is meant to go smoothly and professionally, and your safety is definitely important to us. I am here to help where I can and look into this further for you.


First, I am going to need some more details from you. Please, send me a private message by using the link in my signature below this post with some order details. Send me your Customer Service PIN off your receipt or order number, full name, phone number, and e-mail connected to your account. I look forward to hearing from you.



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