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Washer broken during install

Need some help here.  Ordered a new Maytag washer & dryer - delivered yesterday.  No mention of dropping the washer or issues with installation.  The guys just took my $20 tip and left.  Tried to run a load and water starting pouring out of the top intake valves, flooding my basement.  Turned off the water and immediately checked the hot and cold water hoses.  Instantly realized there was a problem that the installers should have easily picked up on and told me about.  The intake valves were 'floating', clearly with plastic damage inside the machine.  There is NO WAY the installers could have not noticed this while attaching the hoses to the valves.  No way.


After removing the water and drying out the basement, I called customer service about the issue.  Pretty much not very helpful, just set up an electrical appliance repair visit two days later - and had the gall to attempt to charge me $99 too!


Cleaning up the mess the installers left in our street, I found two broken off pieces of plastic that match the back top corner of the machine, where the damaged intake valves are.  I removed the back plate and found more completely snapped off and ruined, resulting in the breach.


Best Buy is now 'helping' me by ordering a replacement washer, with a delivery date of 6/6 - which will put us without a washing machine for a week.  The main reason I chose Best Buy instead of all of the other stores offering big Memorial Day weekend discounts was because I could pay the installers to haul away my old machines.  Well now I have no washing machine and a promise of replacement next Monday.


I can't believe those guys took my tip with a straight face after dropping and clearly knowing that the machine was damaged AT THE WATER INTAKE!  Thankfully, our laundry machines are in the basement.  I don't even want to think about the damage this carelessness might have caused if the laundry was on the first or second floor.


I'm ready to buy a replacement from a reputable local shop and just make Best Buy pick up the machine that their installers broke.  I'm livid about this and should have some recourse from Best Buy beyond "we are sorry and will get you a replacement in 6 days".  I know for a fact they have this same product in the store next to my town.  Really can't believe after what they did that someone won't take initiative to get one to my house from the store immediately.


Best Buy is losing a customer over this if I don't see a little more effort to make this right.

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Re: Washer broken during install

crickets from Best Buy on this, huh?  I see many responses to other post but this one get nothing.  I get it, I'm not worth your time as a customer.

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Re: Washer broken during install

Hello dickybeans! 


Thanks for connecting with us. Thank you for your candid feedback regarding your initial delivery and installation. Certainly, this does not sound like the level of service we strive for at Best Buy. 


I would like to take a further look into your concern and see how I may be of help to you.  


To start please private message, me using the blue link next to my signature with the following information.

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  • Order Number 




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