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Washer and Dryer Installation--Damage and MORE! :O

I had a washer and dryer delivered and installed a while ago (July 16th).  Upon arrival as the two workers were unboxing, they notified me that the washer had scrapes/scratches in one spot--and I could either send it back and they would deliver a new one later, or I could get a discount/money back/whatever.  Of course I didn't want to have to reschedule again and... who doesn't want money back!?  So I said I'd take that option.  They said they would put that in the system and someone would contact me in the next few weeks.  Roughly six weeks later and still no contact, so I figured I would post here and see what happens.

Additionally, however, the delivery guys made a large gash on my new door as they attempted to manuever the units inside.  I'm not sure what can be done about that, but (while I'm sure I would've somehow managed to do the same thing eventually) it's frustrating to see a dent and dark scrape on a new white door.


BUT WAIT!  THERE'S MORE!!!!  They got the units in place, and hooked the dryer exhaust hose up to the exit point on my basement wall.  They hauled away the old stuff, including the old exhaust hose.  However, they didn't bother to attach the new hose to the new dryer--and said hose was a solid four feet too short to ever even reach the dryer.  So...?  Again, very frustrating, as they had hauled away the old one, so I couldn't just swap them out--which would've been annoying because obviously they should've seen the issue and left it and hopefully not charged me for the new one--but at least I would have what I need.  Instead I had to go out and buy a new one.

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Re: Washer and Dryer Installation--Damage and MORE! :O

Hi, brianmatthew,

Thanks for writing in. We always hope that our customers have great delivery and installation experiences with us. Getting new appliances should be an exciting investment in your home. I'm sorry that things didn't go according to plan.

Generally speaking, any issues stemming from an appliance delivery or installation would need to be reported over the phone at (800) 304-1259 within 15 days of receiving the appliances per our Return & Exchange Promise. Provided the amount of time that has passed, I'm not able to guarantee a particular outcome, but I'm happy to look into this and help get the damages reported to the appropriate teams. To get started, please send a Private Message with your full name, email address, phone number, and order number. You can find a link to send a Private Message in my signature.



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