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Washer Installation - WATER DAMAGE HOME - No Help from Best Buy or its Insurance or Delivery

We bought a Whirlpool washer and dryer set from Best Buy at the end of October. The Washer itself was defective, so we had Best Buy come with an exchange. The second washer that arrived was damaged out of the box at time of delivery. We had Best Buy come back for another exchange - if we are paying full price, there should be no damage to a brand new machine. Anyways, the third washer came in and this is where the problem actually starts - the technician who did the install didn't tighten the pipe to the washer, and during the initial cycle, the pipe to the washer actually came off and water went EVERYWHERE in the laundry room upstairs, and it spread to the adjoining room carpet, as well as downstairs in to the garage. We have had a nightmare of a time getting anyone at Best Buy to actually claim their negligence during the installation. I'm shocked at how bad of a time of service this entire exprience has been!


BUYER BEWARE when you buy a washer or dryer or anything that requires water connections from BEST BUY - they will more than likely damage your home for lack of care!