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Washer/Dryer Delivery Issues - Poor Customer Experience

First off, I don't envy any of you support men/women that work on here because I know this place is probably full of just the people who want to complain. My hope is that there are thousands of other people out there not telling their story of successful installs, repairs, deliveries, purchases, etc. because that's just how the world works - typically those that are upset are more vocal. But all of you are doing a difficult job and I hope you realize that the more rational of us, despite being unhappy, do recognize that.


Anyway, I guess I'll start with my story and try to keep it as simple as possible while also outlining my concerns in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, something good can come out of it and a change can be made for future customers.


At the end of February I purchased a washer/dryer/pedastal/sidekick (4 pieces) from Best Buy in store. Everything felt like it went well, I've always enjoyed Best Buy and had very few complaints, the salespeople assisted me and got me taken care of, gave me a receipt and all seemed well. Our delivery was scheduled for a week later.


Fast forward to the morning of delivery and I get a call confirming the driver was on the way and he wanted to confirm what was being delivered - he said "we've got 3 pieces, is that right? it seems off." Low and behold somehow despite my receipt showing 4 appliances, only 3 got placed on the order to the warehouse which is what was loaded on the truck. Well now we're in a situation where the delivery needs to be rescheduled so all pieces can be installed at once and the driver stated he would let the people on his end know and I should probably call into Best Buy to re-schedule on my end. I did that and ended up having to speak to a couple of different peoplep because no one really could figure out initially how only 3 pieces got sent for the order even though all 4 show up on my receipt. That took a while for them to determine and then finally call me back later in the day. Only now we still have one problem - the original pieces are still on the truck and haven't returned to the warehouse which means the order is still "open" in the system, unable to be touched/rescheduled/altered in any way. This is my second point of consternation which I will address again later, the first being the fact that my delivery just got messed up. The delivery team was supposed to be relocating my existing washer/dryer for friends of ours to come pick up the following day where they had rented a truck to come do so. Now we had to tell them it wasn't happening and they had to cancel their truck rental and lose the deposit.


Now it's Monday and we are trying to reschedule the delivery for all 4 pieces which we successfully do for the following Saturday. I get my phone call that morning and confirm that we have all 4 pieces this time, we do! Great, I think. The delivery drivers get each piece moved up one by one and move my existing washer/dryer out (while trying to make the most of each trip) and on the final trip they go out to get the sidekick unit for under my washer. What do they find? It's damaged. At this point I'm thinking, "well, anything can happen, I guess we'll get a replacement" which the driver explains I just need to call in and have a pick up of the damaged unit (which isn't installed by the way) and re-delivery of a brand new one. No problem, right? Wrong, you can't do that same day of the delivery because the order still shows as "in progress" yet again due to the order not being completed until the truck goes back to the warehouse. I decide to try and let bygones be bygones but at this point my wife and I are clearly frustrated.


I now have to wait to schedule yet a 3rd delivery at my home for the damaged unit that needs a new replacement sent out and installed. After having to explain at this point that I'm having problems to probably the 6-7th different person (which by the way - why aren't more notes on my account for the orders?) what's going on and being transferred around to different groups for assistance I finally get that 3rd delivery scheduled. That was for yesterday morning.


Yesteday morning rolls around and this time I didn't actually get a phone call from the driver as they just showed up (thankfully on time - so I won't complain about that) and they start unpacking my sidekick unit (the new replacement on their truck). But what happens this time? This one is more damaged than the first one that's currently sitting in my garage. I'm just at a loss of words at this point as I can't quite believe after 3 weeks, I still can't get these appliances delivered and installed. The drivers said they would load it back up and they would make a call on their end that I should call Best Buy as well. I did get a call a little later from a nice lady that said she would call me back and reschedule once the order was no longer in progress. By this point I knew that would need to be today based on my past experience.


I call in this morning to try and get things rescheduled for now a FOURTH time and had to get transferred around some again. I find out at least this morning that now I have a case number assigned to me, which would have been ideal to have previously. My only additional ask this time was that when we reschedule the delivery, is there any way we could have the warehouse check the item before it's loaded to ensure no damage, it's new, and then carefully repackage to put on the truck (so no damage in transit), I was informed that could probalby be done.


Once I finally spoke to someone they informed me that my case manager was out of the office today and that someone else would need to get back to me because the order was still showing in progress. I admittedly was more than a little frustrated at this point. I've gone 3+ weeks now to get this delivered, 3 failed deliveries, and I cannot for whatever reason get this resolved in a more timely manner. I asked why we couldn't place a new order for the appliance I need and was informed that we can only edit the existing order - which we can't touch until some unknown time. This baffles my mind. Having experience with corporate supply chains and inventory systems I would love for someone to explain to me the following:


  • The first order is in transit and on the way back to the warehouse. It will eventually be re-checked in and due to being damaged, most likely written off or worked out with the manufacturer between them and Best Buy.
  • A new, second order, would merely get something started for a customer to ensure no delays and enable the unit to be delivered sooner.
  • Once the initial order is sent back in, it will be back in inventory, until it's moved out as damaged.
  • The net is that only one unit goes out of inventory to the customer, right?
  • Even in the event you issue a PO for the appliance directly from the manufacturer after customer purchase you could just initiate a return to them like you're asking me to do - there's is no loss. And if all of these are currently sitting in a Best Buy warehouse I doubt you are doing that any way, right? Unless you're sharing space with the manufacturers in said warehouse.

I was told that this would be a loss of revenue to Best Buy. I just can't fathom that. You aren't losing any inventory! It's not as if the extra damaged units are sitting in my driveway at the moment and I want yet another one sent out first. You'll be taking back the one that is damaged when one is delivered to me - it's a net neutral situation. I didn't even want to keep the damaged unit but the drivers explained that the process was for it to remain.


Anyway, this has been a long diatribe that I didn't necessarily anticipate and if you've managed to read through the entire thing I actually really do appreciate it. I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking to accomplish by posting on here but maybe I can at least bring awareness to an issue that is still not resolved for me, the idea that improvements to the customer experience need to be made, and that just because we've always done things a certain way in the past doesn't mean we need to continue doing them (i.e. the processes for returns/exchanges can vastly be improved upon).


I'd also like to add that none of this are the customer service reps that I've spoken to fault nor the truck drivers. All of them (for the most part) have been pleasant to work with. But why can't we figure out the issues with ordering, adjusting orders, and the warehouse? What is possibly going on that this can't be resolved easier?

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Re: Washer/Dryer Delivery Issues - Poor Customer Experience

I know the sticky thread states not to post multiple times but I did notice in other threads that said these requests were handled on a "first come, first serve" basis. I posted this 4 days ago (admittedly the weekend came - so 2 business days) and I see posts that were up after mine getting a response but nothing here, should I have done this in a different format?
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Re: Washer/Dryer Delivery Issues - Poor Customer Experience

Hello Rass,


I appreciate you reaching out to us and sharing your experience with us! 


I greatly appreciate your kind words and I read through your post entirely. I'd be happy to look into this and see if there is anything I can do to assist. Can you please send us a private message using the link in my signature below, and verify your full name, phone number, and email address. 



Natalie|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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