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WORST customer service experience EVER!

We purchased a washer and dryer back in May from Best Buy. It's almost a month later and we still do not have our order fulfilled. It's been nothing but problems starting soon after the order was placed.


A week after putting the order in, I checked it online out of curiosity and it appears the person who placed the order for us in the store put the wrong washer in the order. They chose a washer that did not even match the dryer we picked. We ended up having to contact Best Buy to have the order fixed. The washer and dryer we scheduled to be delivered on June 5 from 8am - 12pm. When it came to that day, I waited around until 12pm and nobody had shown up. Then at 12:15pm I get a text from Best Buy saying my delivery person was on his way and would be there by noon. How would they be there by noon when it was already past noon??? We called in to Best Buy to see what was going on and they said they were on their way to deliver our dryer but did not have any washer on the truck for delivery to me. I told them not to deliver only the dryer because I wanted to figure out what was going on first as to why the washer was not included in the delivery.


We spoke to the manager of the store who said the distribution center said the washer was on the trunk even though it was not. He said he contacted the distribution center and requested that our washer be sent "express delivery" to the store and he would guarantee it would be delivered on the 8th. He said he would contact us on the 7th to verify that the washer was on the truck. I never received a call from him on the 7th, and I waited another 4 hours for the washer and dryer to be delivered on the 8th only for the delivery person to once again try to deliver only a dryer and no washer.


I contacted the manager of the appliance department again who said the washer still was not on the truck even though it was supposed to be. He scheduled a 3rd delivery for us and promised it would be there. Again, the washer was not included with the delivery. This happened once more when they scheduled a 4th delivery too! During all of this I had kept contact with the manager who kept apologizing and promising to call me back (which he never seemed to be able to do).


Finally out of pure frustration I went up to the store to speak to them in person. At that point I was told the issue was that the distribution center had it listed in the system that our washer was included in the order each time; however, every time the truck came in the washer wasn't there. I was beyond angry at this point. Never in my conversations with the manager did he let us know what was going on. Instead he kept scheduling deliveries for us and blowing us off. At this point I had wasted 16 hours waiting for deliveries of my washer and dryer that never happened! To make matters worse, I even had to take off work for some of this to make sure someone was home to let them in.


Finally after going to the store they said they would "upgrade" my washer and dryer (which technically wasn't an upgrade since it was the same exact model just in a different color) and had a washer and dryer delivered to me successfully about a week ago. The washer was new but the dryer was the floor model that was all dinged up and scratched. The manager said they didn't have the dryer in stock in the store but was giving it to me temporarily so I had something to use. They said they would have a new dryer delivered to me when it came in which would take 4 days. Again we did not hear back from letting us know the dryer was in and could be delivered now. So again we had to be the one to make the effort to reach out to figure out what was going on. They told us the dryer was ready for delivery and would be delivered on the 26th. We even received a call from the delivery person the day before confirming they would be delivering the next day. Come the 26th we wait for the delivery from 4pm - 8pm.


Come the 26th we wait for the delivery from 4pm - 8pm and NOBODY shows up or contacts us. The next day we call Best Buy and they aren't sure what's going on and tell us they will call us back. We never received a call. We called again today and were told the delivery driver put "installed" on the delivery that was supposed to happen on the 26th that never did.


In total we've had 5 deliveries scheduled that either did not happen or were attempted but did not include the full order. We've spent 20 hours waiting on deliveries. It's been almost a month now and my order has still not been fulfilled. I still have a dinged up floor model dryer that was supposed to be replaced with a new one and I don't know if and when that will happen. I am appalled by the incompetence of the people working in the appliance department at this particular store. This has been the worst customer service experience I've ever had. Nobody can seem to get things straight and it feels like every time we try to get answers we're being blown off or given the run around. We spent WAY too much money on these appliances to have to deal with this sort of treatment. I've never experienced this much difficulty trying to get something delivered that I had already paid for over a month ago! I have been a LONG time shopper at Best Buy but I've now lost total faith in the company and after this experience I highly doubt I will ever buy appliances or anything else from them, or advise my friends and family to.

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Re: WORST customer service experience EVER!

Good morning, cordan84!


Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know about your appliance delivery experience. I certainly wouldn't appreciate spending so much time to receive a washer and dryer set either, so I can see how this would have been frustrating.


Please send me a private message with the full name, phone number, and email address on your order, by following the link in my signature. I'd be glad to take a deeper look into this for you to see what options we may have available.



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