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I have made multiple calls for days.. spent over a grand on cameras in Best Buy as my neighbors are not good people and have accosted me multiple times on the property I bought. I was told cameras will be installed on Monday. Monday came and went .Told by an agent who said "I use to be a tech" I know "he states" how to get you to the top of the line and they will be there before noon on Tuesday.. LIAR .. NO CALLS NO EMAILS AND NO TEXT MESSAGES!!! 

called multiple times on Tuesday . NOBODY CALLS BACK. Message left for Supervisor with a promise of call back in 2- hours ... You guest it NO CALL. We are at Wednesday still no CALLS NO EMAILS NO TEXT.. Every number is routed into a national number with someone new everytime.. They are mindless and insult me with the robotic words of "I know how you feel" " The Haiti's you do" 

I have reached out multiple times left messages for supervisors .. I have been lied to, HUNG UP ON and redirected multiple times!!! where does the accountability come in with this company.. These are their employees.. 

Are they so big that they don't carte about you or me... This needs to stop.. If anyone who has a pair with best buy can give me a call.. That would be just fancy.. I am sorry for the negative overtone of this message however, you have pushed me to my brink..{removed per forum guidelines} {removed per forum guidelines}