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I ordered an open box dishwasher to be delivered on 1/4. It was cancelled with no reason. This caused my wife to miss out on a day of work, thus losing me money. Then, on the day it was scheduled to be delivered 1/12, I received a call from the third party installer that Best Buy contracted telling me he would not be coming. The dishwasher arrived shortly after, but the delivery guys told me they could not haul away the old dishwasher which was originally a part of the order. 


After spending HOURS and HOURS on hold, and being hung up on TWICE after asking to speak to a supervisor, I finally reached someone who told me that they woudl try to reschedule the haul away for either today or tomorrow 1/13 and that a supervisor would call me back an hour later. Then, I called back and was told that they could not do the work on 1/13, but they could do it on 1/16. Then minutes later I was told it would be the 17th--which doesnt work with my family's schedule, so it would then be the 19th. 



I have been hung up on, told wrong information, lost out on two days of work, and now I have to have two dishwashers sit in my kitchen for a week, neither of which can be used, all because of Best Buys horrendous communication and awful customer service. I am expecting a prompt response with significant compensation for my financial losses for missing work. If I do not hear back, I will be going to the better business bureau immediately and starting a case. This is completely unacceptable and has made me never want to do business with Best Buy again.


--Nick {removed per forum guidelines}

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Hey there, Nick.


Thanks for reaching out to us here on the Forums, although I wish it were under better terms. I will be responding now to your private message.

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