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Very upset with fridge delivery

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I am writing as I am extremely upset by Best Buy’s poor quality of customer service and lack of regard for public health and safety in my most recent experience. Purchased in-store. The number on the purchase receipt is:

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Firstly, Best Buy’s communication processes are lacking and the ongoing excuse of COVID is questionable at best. On July 27th, 2020, we purchased a Kitchen Aid fridge and of course due to a lack of supply from COVID, the stated ETA was October 3rd, 2020. We agreed, since the Kitchen Aid brand has an established reputation for quality. On Oct 1st received an email that our fridge would be delayed to Oct 17th. This two week delay seemed reasonable and so we waited and called the Delivery Service number in anticipation of the upcoming delivery on Oct 16th. Auto messages when called at 11:53am and 4:58pm both stated that we can expect delivery Oct 17th, from 8am-6pm. This fridge purchase meant that we were living with a failing fridge for almost 3 months now, we were renovating the space for its fit, and asked family friends to take time off from their employ to help with the installation and moving the old fridge out. Oct 17th, we called the Delivery Service again at 9:35 am requesting a callback. After waiting for nearly an hour, our callback came and we were told that delivery was postponed from October 17th, to a new date of December 16th. The Skyview location when called offers no options to talk to anyone at the store, so we went in the store with the only explanation being, “that’s how our processes work” and “it’s COVID”.


How is it that Best Buy’s lines of communications from its suppliers allows for less than 24 hours notice before notification of a 2 month delay? This is pretty ridiculous and inconsistent with the previous email received October 1st. Either there is a big truck crossing national borders with a supply of fridges well before their arrival or there isn’t. In either case, it should be communicated to Best Buy in an appropriate time frame and then to consumers so consumers can have adequate notice and adjust their plans accordingly. It was only stated that current processes simply cannot do better. I am stunned that a large corporation such as Best Buy has such poor communication processes. You leave your consumers very little faith in the adequacy of your processes. Best Buy’s poor customer service in communication also disrupts consumer trust.  At one point, our household also theorized that our fridge did arrive in Canada and in the interest of profits, Best Buy gave our fridge away to another household that bought an appliance bundle.


No longer willing to live with a broken fridge and partially renovated kitchen, we decided to go with another fridge. Again with the lack of options to call the store we visited the physical location a second time on October 17th to finalize the change-of-fridge purchase. We were explicitly and repeatedly told the Samsung model was here locally and that delivery was set up for Wednesday, October 21st and that our fridge waiting woes were over. On October 20th, we called the Delivery Service and waited about an hour for a callback. At 4:56pm the callback was returned, and upon asking some questions about the whereabouts of our fridge, we were placed on a hold for almost an hour, at which time the call was dropped. This is just obscenely bad customer service. It shouldn’t take 2 hours to maybe get a singular answer about the whereabouts of a fridge where the store manager personally assured us that it would arrive by a specified date. So, we called the Skyview Best-Buy store again (at 6:12pm October 20th), which again features the prerecorded message saying goto the website or goto the store, with no other options to speak to someone. Having been provided no further assistance and wasting our time, we also tried the general Best-Buy 1-800 number from the website (6:15pm) and it was no better. It had options but none applied and none let me speak to anyone. So despite the dropped call and the wasted hours, we called the Delivery Service number again (6:35pm), and again opted for the callback option. The callback came at 6:43pm and lasted 7 minutes, where someone told us that they don’t see the fridge order anywhere on the delivery system, and that I would have to go into the store to get any further information. This took us the majority of a day just to receive no answers. It should never be the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the staff and affiliates of Best Buy do the bare minimum of ensuring that we receive a product that we paid thousands of dollars for 3 months ago. It is all the more horrendous as not even basic information about our purchase would be provided to us in a safe and timely manner. We were now left with no options but to visit the store the next day as they would close before we could get there. 


Delivery Day (D-Day), I sent my husband to the store around 11am, again as no options to talk to staff were afforded by the pre-recorded message. The staff took about 45 minutes to first determine that there was no fridge delivery set up whatsoever and processed a refund and then a repurchase such that it triggers a new delivery. This is just appalling after the explicit guarantees made by the staff (Henry and Arvind) on October 17th, that the fridge would arrive by that October 21st. At this visit, we also asked if the delivery could be expedited given the fact that our delivery was dropped and was now slated for October 24th. Noah stated that he would have to email and let us know sometime that day. After not hearing from Noah, I sent my husband for a second visit at 3:30 pm. In that second visit, Noah was unavailable and we were told to continue waiting. My husband also asked if there was a phone number that he could call since the general number did not allow for speaking to store personnel. There is something severely lacking in the lines of communication at Best Buy such that it takes more than 4 hours to get an email response relayed to a customer that has already endured enough upset and inconvenience for a given purchase. Is this a lack in proper delegation? Could Noah have delegated a response such that a second same day visit could be avoided? Could a direct phone number have been provided to minimize outings to a public space during a pandemic? It was only at 5:22pm when Noah finally called us and let us know that nothing could be done and that our delayed delivery date of October 24th stands. Why on earth does it take over 6 hours to get one bit of information? How is it that a major corporation has no means to make amends and expedite a delivery after repeatedly dropping the ball and incompetently setting up a delivery? Is there not a secondary third party delivery company that can be contacted for such an event?


So I’ve presented the events, let me provide additional context and reiterate some of the key points. I am experiencing a high-risk pregnancy and immunocompromised. My two-year old has been hospitalized 3 times for severe asthma episodes in the past. It’s a bloody pandemic. Skyview Best Buy's choice to use an automated message that does not allow for prompts to speak to anyone in store is morally irreprehensible. Our exposure to harm was unnecessarily increased. Best Buy's chosen practice encourages and forces consumers that have specific questions requiring staff address to unnecessarily leave their homes and visit the store. This does not consider the risks to the populations at greatest risk to COVID 19. I am just one immunocompromised person, but this approach to communication is also unnecessarily harmful to seniors, the disabled and other vulnerable groups. Staff members (Arvind and other unknowns) were seen only partially covering their faces at times, when prompted there were no stated options for them to provide a direct line of contact either. Why is a prompt even needed, could this not have been offered? 


I also want to clarify that not every Best Buy is using a pre-recorded message for their phone lines. I have had a family member let me know that she was able to speak to someone in customer service at the Best Buy local to her home. This is an irresponsible and reckless choice that Best Buy Skyview (and possibly others) has chosen to pursue in their dealings with their consumers. 


Beyond the monumental inconvenience of the horrible customer service received, the lack of competency ensuring a timely delivery and the poorly designed communication processes around delivery times, the lack of consideration to the seriousness of the pandemic is absolutely the most unacceptable part of my experience. 


I am contacting corporate to relay my concern and dissatisfaction with the practices and conduct of the Skyview Best Buy in hopes that there be some remedy to the situation. 




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Re: Very upset with fridge delivery

Hi there, vunyagriffith,

Thank you for taking the time to connect with us here on our Forums. We know how important both being able to speak with your local Best Buy store and your delivery is. We're sorry to hear about these issues that you have faced in these processes! 


We totally understand that your family is in a high-risk group and we want to be able to support you through a variety of options. First though, we wanted to double check. It appears that you are one of our Best Buy Canada customers. Is that accurate? Either way, please send us Private Message via my signature below including your full name, email address, phone number, and order number so that we can take a closer look at how we can best assist you. 

Austin|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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