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Very Bad Washer and Dryer Delivery (and Support) Experience

Seems like I'm not the only one with washer and dryer fun.  


Order confirmed for today - notified via app delivery would be here at 3:15 so I was at the front of the house waiting.  Text at 3:45 that the team is at the residence and no one is answering pre-calls.  No one called.  When I called dispatch immediately she didn't call back after checking with them.  I called her back and she said they were there at 3:20 and waited for 15 minutes and took a picture of my house.  They also had logs for the three calls.  


I have camera footage that I am happy to send to support.  That includes the entire timeframe they were allegedly at the house.  No one was.  In that period there was one white truck that drove by that I suppose could have taken a picture.  It did not stop.


All this aside, I was going to be perfectly happy if they just came back and delivered the washer and dryer.  


The worst part ... I know delivery is a 3rd party but when I called GeekSquad support (TotalTech member for years ...) he basically accused me of lying as well.  I am happy to share any other details via private message.  


BTW Both the dispatch and the GS rep put a lot of emphasis on the "attempts" to call me.  They should really look at the duration of those three attempted calls because when you call and hang up, call and hang up, and call and hang up it does in fact look like you tried with a (3) after it.  


My TotalTech membership is up this month.  As of now - not renewing.  


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Re: Very Bad Washer and Dryer Delivery (and Support) Experience

Hello, Doug_Sactown,


Thank you for visiting our online community. It is always nice to hear from one of our loyal patrons, although I wish your first post had been related to a positive experience. We appreciate you choosing Best Buy for the new washer and dryer. Our goal is to make the experience seamless, including the delivery and installation. I am sorry to learn things did not go as planned, and I appreciate you making our team aware of your experience.


When our teams arrive, they should make all efforts to ensure our customers are aware they are prepared to complete the requested services. If there is a concern the customer is not home, they should attempt to make contact, by phone. If you were available to accept this delivery, it stands to reason you would be feeling this way, especially if you did not receive any calls. This is something I’d like to ensure is formally documented, as well as offer any additional support you may need. Going forward, I will do all I can to help.


To proceed, I will need to complete the required verification process. Please, send a Private Message, as that would be the most secure method to share the necessary information. To send a Private message, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature. I will be available throughout the day, although I will be out of the office on Friday and Saturday. If you do not receive an immediate response, I will reconnect with you, on Sunday.



Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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