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Vehicle Alarm Install

I setup appointment for alarm way in advance and was anticipating on having it done with Best Buy.  I got to Best Buy and hour early since I was not told what time the Alarm dept. was going to start its day.  When I got to Best Buy all the doors were locked and I sat in the parking lot for a while.  I then decided to run over to Chik fil A drivethru to pickup a bite to eat and was back in no time. I went inside store to inquire where I was to go and when was told where, I immediately took my vehicle over.  I was then met by your rep. who very rudely stated I was late and he would no longer work on my vehicle.  He stated I was 20 min. but I was all but 15min. late (check your cameras).  I told him I know I am late but since I was not in a rush to get my vehicle he could keep for as long as he needed.  His response was NO!   I really dont understand how Best Buy thinks this behavior is correct but I'm ok that he didnt work on my vehicle since it seems it was not my lateness buy his laziness that kept him from doing my job.  I cant even imagine what would happen if something went wrong with the install how Best Buy would act being that Customer Service does not appear to be your strong suit.  I will NEVER go back to Best Buy and I will publicly review this store in every possible outlet.  

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Re: Vehicle Alarm Install

Hi amerodriguez,

Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Thanks very much for reaching out about this. 

I used to be a Geek Squad supervisor in one of our stores, and part of that job was overseeing our install bay. I can assure you that the Autotech you were working with didn’t decline to do the work out of laziness. 

Our Autotechs are scheduled very tightly, especially this time of year. Starting a job that late can impact their ability to finish all of the jobs they have scheduled that day with the limited time and space they have to work.

I’m sorry that we weren’t able to get the job completed for you today, and that the hours for the install bay were not made clear to you. I know you said you no longer want to use our services, but if you’d be willing to reconsider I’d be happy to follow up and see if I can help get that scheduled for you. I’d just need you to reach out to me through a private message by using the link in my signature. Please include your name, email address, phone number, and store location where this happened. 


Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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