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Unsuccessful Fifth Fridge Haul Away Attampt:no service, broke a part of my old fridge

Dear Best Buy:


Although I've made millions of phone calls to various representatives and departments, the problem remains unsolved, so let me start from scratch.


Despite having had five group delivery personnel come here to address various issues, I still have not received a resolution. I had to take five days off from work to be home for the delivery and haul away team, and I went without a refrigerator for three weeks.


The initial delivery team informed me that they were not the appropriate team for the job as my old fridge was a built-in unit. As a result, I had to contact Bestbuy again to reschedule the delivery and ensure that the built-in specialist was sent. I take responsibility for not informing Bestbuy that my fridge was built-in.


On the second occasion when I rescheduled the delivery, I made sure to inform the representative that my old fridge was a built-in model, and requested that they send the appropriate team to haul it away. In fact, I even called twice to double-check with different representatives and confirmed that a team of built-in fridge specialists would be sent. Despite this, the second delivery still resulted in the wrong team showing up. The haul-away team informed me that they were not equipped to handle built-in fridges. As you can imagine, I was quite frustrated as I had already communicated this information and confirmed it multiple times.


During the third appointment, the delivery team identified a problem with my water valve, which they said was connected to the water pipe from the fridge. They informed me that they couldn't proceed with the installation until the valve was fixed. I suggested they shut off the water at the main valve so they could proceed with removing my old fridge, but they declined. I asked them to check if there were any other issues that might arise during the haul-away process, and they assured me there weren't any except for the water valve. After they left, I called my plumber, who was able to shut off the water using the valve under the sink within seconds. This made me realize that the valve was old but still functional. To avoid any future complications, I decided to replace the valve before the next appointment.


On the fourth occasion, I rescheduled the delivery for February 21, 2023, informing Bestbuy that I had fixed the water valve and requesting that the same group of delivery men who had promised to haul away my old fridge be sent to my house. However, on February 23, a new group of delivery men arrived at my home, and I explained to them what had transpired previously. They proceeded to take part of my old fridge out but found no water valve on the fridge water pipe. When I informed them that the old build-in fridge had been designed without a water valve on the water pipe, they insisted that I install one before they could proceed with the haul-away. I suggested that I could shut down my whole house's water system if that would help, but they still refused.

To my surprise, they began to call Bestbuy and misrepresent the situation to a representative in my house, claiming that they were the third group and did not want to haul away my old fridge since there was no valve on the fridge pipe. At the same time, I was talking to a Bestbuy representative online, explaining that the first three groups were not specialists and that my water valve had been broken before, not because of the lack of a valve on the fridge pipe. The boss of the fourth group became angry, shouted at me, turned off his phone, and slammed my door, leaving my old fridge in pieces. I was angry not only because I did not receive my new fridge but also because the delivery man had lied and behaved rudely, leaving my old fridge in a state of disrepair.


I voiced my grievances to various representatives from Bestbuy and eventually, a man advised me to shut off the water before the delivery arrives so that the old fridge can be hauled away. Following his instructions, I had my plumber disconnect the old fridge pipe so that it could be removed by the Bestbuy delivery team. I then rescheduled for February 21, 2023, and specifically requested the same team as before since they were familiar with my house and the old fridge removal process. However, on the day of the delivery, a new group arrived and claimed that the new fridge would not fit because the old fridge was 35.5 inches while the new one was 36 inches. This confused me because I had measured my old fridge multiple times and the instruction book also stated it was 36 inches. Additionally, the new group also claimed that the back door was not big enough to remove the old fridge, even though the previous group had assured me that it would fit. To clarify, I even reached out to the previous homeowner who confirmed that the old fridge was removed through the back door. I do not wish to argue with anyone anymore, and I simply want to understand what went wrong and how I can have the new fridge installed without further issues.